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Soup and salad bar
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Panzanellacucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, fennel, radish, fresh mozzarella, house made croutons, micro greensEntreesadd soup and salad bar for $5Pasta primaverahouse-cut pasta, smoked tomato, vegetables, parmesan, cream, and herbsChicken & Savanna red ricehalf roasted chicken, savanna red rice, roasted red pepper sauceSouthern Fried Pork Chopred eye gravyBourbon braised beef short rib6oz short rib braised with Jack Daniels and demi pureed root vegetablesRisotto (GF)mushroom, lemon or bleu cheeseSpaghetti Squash with Grilled Shrimp (GF)roasted spaghetti squash sauteed and topped with skewered grilled shrimp and garlic sauceCarolina Shrimp & GritsCheddar grits, fennel, tomato, Italian sausagePan Fried Grouperstone ground cornmeal dusted and pan fried, hoppin john, green tomato tartar sauce, smoked grouper consommeGrilled Honey Garlic Salmon (GF)fresh cut salmon, grilled with honey garlic glazeButcher's Cut (GF)chef's choice of hand cut protein served with choice of side and vegetable du jour protein changes weeklyHouse Salad (GF)in addition +3Vegetables+5Chicken+6Shrimp+7Salmon+8Handheldschoice of sideChicken bacon avocado wrapgrilled chicken bacon crumbles, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cheese, poppy seed dressingNashville Fried Chicken Tenderhand breaded tenders, spicy slaw, Nashville style, pickles, fries4440 Burger7oz local grass fed American Wagyu, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, mayoFried Grouper Sandwichlettuce, tomato, spicy ranchSides-vegetable du jour -pimiento mac and cheese -baked black eyed peas -root vegetable puree -baked sweet potato -baked potato -broccoli -cheddar grits - hoppin' john -rice