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formed alliances with aztec people and took over montemuza


inca empire, captured ruler, made incas fill a room with gold

Ponce de Leon

Florida (st augustine) fountain of youth


"medicine man" lost boats and landed in texas


mississippi river looking for gold
died of fever


southwestern united states + grandcanyon + looking for gold


established new mexico, introduced cattle and horses


towns, established center of trade


religious communities




to demand taxes or labor from native americand

protestant reformation

a movement that caused many people to break away from the catholic church


a nations power based on its wealth

columbian exchange

exchange between plants, animals, and diseases across the Atlantic Ocean. involved europe, asia, africa, and america

northwest passage

a direct water route through the americas

which two countries searched for the northwest passage

france and england

giovanni de varazano

looked for north sea route
explored north america

jaques cartier

sailed up lawrence river. present day montreal

John cabot

laned on coast of newfoundland

henry hudson

sailed for both england and the dutch

samuel de champian

established first french settlement, in quebc

which group established the colony of new netherland

the dutch west india company in new jersey, new york, and pennsylvania

what was the new town/settlement called in the colony of new netherland?

new amsterdam


sail around the world


spanish explorers that received granta

line of demarcation

imaginary line running down the atlantic


large farm


narrow sea passage

which explorer was the first to find a trade route to asia?


which explorer established the basis for english claims to north america?

john cabot

which explorers crew were the first to sail around the world


which explorer named florida and found to fountain of youth?

ponce de leon

wich explorer establshed a settlement in quebec france?


which explorer/map maker were the americas named after/

amerigo versupucci

who explored present-day newfoundland almost 500 years before columbus?

Leif Erikson

who explored the mississippi river while looking for gold?

de soto

which explorer travled through new york and canada for england and the netherlands?

Henry Hudson

which explorer first sailed around the southern tip of africa?

barthelemu dias

which explorer explored the st lawrence river and founded montreal?

Jaques cartier

who explored mexico and conquered the aztecs

hernan cortes

which explorer is considered to be the first to discover the americas

christopher columbus

which explorer accidentily landed in brazil

pedro dabral

what title was columbus given

admiral of the ocean sea

who explored the southwest and grandcanayon while looking for cold

fransisco de cornado

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