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220 Pelvic Pain

chronic pelvic pain (cpp)
this is defined as non-menstrual or non cyclic - with a duration of at least 6 months, sufficiently intense to interfere with habitual activities and requiring clinical or surgical treatment
what is the difference between male and female pelvic floor musculature
neuromuscular, orthopedic, myofascial
when treating pelvic pain the therapist focuses on 3 things that contribute to symptoms - what are they
support, sphinteric, sexual, mechanical (trunk/hip mobility)
what are the four functions of the pelvic floor muscles
S 1,2,3,4
What are the inervation levels for the pudendal nerve
sacral spinal nerves
the pudendal nerve branches off the _______ ________ ___________ and branches off to several other nerves
pudendal neuralgia
this is inflammation of the pudendal nerve - painful
this refers to pain in the perineal area - from muscle tear or cut - ex. with birth
this is painful penetration of the vagina
this is prolapse of the rectum - it drops
this is prolapse of the small intestine - drops
this is prolapse of the bladder - drops
this is prolapse of the uterus - drops
interstitial cystitis (ic)
this is long term irritation of the bladder
diastasis recti
this is seperation of the linea alba
ischiopubic ramus, pubic symphisis, coccyx
the urogenital and anal triangles are framed by the ______ _____, _______ ________, and __________
transverse perineal, bulbospongiosus, ischiaocavernosis
what muscle group is in the urogenital triangle - the muscle group
levator anai complex
what muscle group is in the anal triangle
things move to less resistance - must keep the pelvic floor strong to prevent
kagel, plank
_______ and ________ are two safe exercises for pt with a history of prolapse - be sure to maintain core tightening and NO VALSALVA (EVER)
weight lifting
what is a type of exercise that is not safe for pt with history of prolapse
70, 30
theres ___% slow twitch and ___% fas twitch muscle fibers in the pelvic floor muscles
obturator internus
identify the one muscle the levator anai group attaches to outside the pelvic floor
ext, int, rotation
the obturator internus action is _____ and ______ _________ - can strain and will be painful
what are the following instructions for - "i want you to contract your muscles as though you are trying not to urinate/pee but don't use your backside/butt muscles" - use appropriate language when instructing
deep breath in, let it out, bring ribs down and together, navel to back, tilt up
what are the instructions for a true pelvic tilt - pt is supine - buttocks should be relaxed
supine/prone, knees/feet up
what is the position to test hip ext and int rotation for equality - should not tightness, weakness, inequality in measurements - could indicate a problem