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Standby time
The amount of time you can leave your phone on before it needs recharging
Limitation of standby time
Smaller batteries can hold less charge
Talk time
The amount of time you can talk on your phone
Limitation of talk time
Uses more power than standby time
Short Messaging Service - allows users to send and receive text messages entered using the phones text pad
Limitation of SMS
Can only send 160 characters
If over - extra charges will be incurred
Multi Media Messaging - allows user to put message together with pictures, video and/or sound along with text
Limitations of MMS
Not supported by all networks
Extra costs
Message is restricted to 100KB
Pictures are compressed and so looses quality
Predictive text
System that predicts the word being typed based on the letters already typed.
Limitation of predictive text
Easy to select and insert the wrong word
Built-in camera
A camera built into the phone, which allows you to take digital stills or video clips
Limitations of built-in camera
quality depends on the camera resolution
Quality and quantity of the pictures are restricted by the phones memory
third generation - give internet access. Stream video and audion which allows you to use video calling and view liuve content from the web
Video calling
Allows you to stream live calls so you can speak to and see the person using the handset
Limitation of video calling
Will only work on some 3G phones
High Speed Downlink Packet Access
High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)
know as super fast 3G - and to overtake 3G
Limitation of HSDPA
Need a compatible phone to run HSDPA - might need to upgrade
Uses radio signals enabling the user to send and receive data from devices in close proximity - approx. 50 meters
Limitation of Bluetooth
Will not work if out of the range
Hands free device
Allows you to talk without having to hold the phone in your hand - uses a cable with an earpiece and a microphone
Limitation of hands free device
This is replaced by blue tooth technology
Music playback
You can store music on the built in memory of the phone and listen to it on the move
Limitation of music playback
Large music files take up a lot of storage
similar to Bluetooth, but range and data allowed to be sent and received are greater.
Allows use of Internet in free wiFi spots
Limitations of WiFi
Need to be in a WiFi area for this network
Mobile internet
similar to internet on a computer - pages appear at a small size with reduced graphics
Limitations of mobile internet
limited by small screen
only available on 3G + phones
Only work in signal range
Memory card slot
Allows storage of multimedia on memory card
Store more tracks, pictures and video clips on your phone
Easy to transfer to other devices
Cards range from 1MB to 16 GB plus
Limitation of memory card slot
Not all mobile phone take the same card - so might no be able to transfer files easily
Dual band phones
Phones that are able to pick up two different frequencies
Tri-band phones
Phones that are able to pick up three different frequencies
Quad-band phones
Phones that are able to pick up four different frequencies - can use this phone in five continents
Limitation of dual band phone
May have trouble using it in other countries
Allow you to use your phone in another country when travelling - you will use another mobile providers network so that you can carry on using your phone to make calls and sending texts
Limitation of Roaming
You could be charged a lot more money to make calls and send sms
Locked phone
The network provider locks the phone so that only their SIM card will work in the phone. That way they keep the customer loyal to them
Limitation of locked phone
You will need to pay to have your phone unlocked after the expiry of the contract
Global Positioning Systems
Global Positioning Systems
calculates your position using satellites and guides you to your destination
Limitation of GPS
Use a lot of power causing your battery to lose charge quickly

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