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Biology Class
15-25 cm rainfall; -34C-12C Plant species short grasses, shrubs Main animals caribou, polar bears
Boreal Forest
30-84 cm rainfall: -54C-21C plant species deciduous trees, fir and spruce trees; animal species moose, beavers, mountain lions
Temperate Forest
75-150 cm; -30-30C; plant species oak, beech, maple trees; animals squirrels, rabbits, skunks, deer, black bears
Temperate woodland and shrubland
38-100cm; 10C-40C; plant species evergreen cshrubs, corn oak; animal species foxes, jackrabbits,bobcats,coyotes
Temperate grassland
50-89cm; -40C-38C; plants grasses and herbs; animal species gazelle, bison
2-26 cm; high 20c-49c, low -18-10c; plant cacti
animals; lizards, bobcats
Tropical savanna
50-130 cm; 20-30c; plants grasses and scattered trees; animal species lions cheetahs, elephants
tropical seasonal forest
>200 cm per year; 20c-25; plant species; deciduous and evergreens; animals elephants, tigers, monkeys, koalas
Tropical rainforest
200-1000cm;24c-27c plant species broadleft evergreens animal species; cimpanzeez, bengal tigers