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Surgical Instruments - Basic Set

#3 knife handle
#7 knife handle
backhaus towel clip
crile clamp
mosquito clamp
allis tissue forcep
babcock intestinal forcep
tonsil clamp (aka schnidt hemostatic clamp)
pean intestinal clamp
right angle clamp (aka mixter hemostatic clamp)
foerster sponge forcep
mayo-hegar needle holder
heavy duty suturing
crile-wood needle holder
fine, delicate suturing
debakey tissue forcep
ferris-smith tissue forcep, rat tooth
russian tissue forcep
Adson dressing forcep, without teeth
Plain, no tooth
adson tissue forcep, with teeth
Single mouse tooth on the end
cushing dressing forcep
cross hatch tip
foerster sponge forceps
adson tissue forcep
multiple rectangular teeth
Kocher Forceps
Babcock forceps
mayo scissors
mayo scissors
metzenbaum scissors
Cutter Wire
yankauer suction with tip
poole suction with guard
weitlaner retractor
gelpi retractor
rigby appendectomy retractor
richardson-eastman retractor
richardson retractor
ribbon retractor
army-navy retractor
parker-mott retractor
roux retractor
goelet retractor
deaver retractor
harrington retractor
balfour retractor
masson-judd bladder retractor
probe and groove director
4 prong retractor rake, sharp
4 prong retractor rake, blunt
Tenaculum Lahey forcep
Alice forceps