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Right and wrong conduct is known as_____
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the time established for filing law suits isstatutue of limitationsa writ that commands a witness to appear at a trial or other proceedings and to give testimon is asubpoenaa wrong commited against another person or person's property is atortholding or detaining a person against his will isfalse imprisonmenta violation of a person's right not to have his or her name photograph or private affairs exposed of made public without consent isinvasion of privacya major crime for with greater punishment is imposed other than a misdemeanor isfelonyone who institues a lawsuit isplantiffa legal statemnt of how an individuals property is to be distributed after death iswillinformation given by a patient to medical personnel which cannot be disclosed without consent of the person who gave itprivileged communicationa rule of conduct made by a goverment body islawfailure to do something that a reasonable person would do under ordinary circumstances that ends up causing harm to another person or a person's property isnegligencepermission granted by a person voluntarily and his right mind isconsentinuring the name and reputation of another person by making false statements to a third person isdefamationan agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of some definite thing iscontractlack of physical or mental fitness is known asincompetencethe final decision of a court in an action or suit islicensureResponsibility of an employer for the acts of the employee isrespondeat superiora latin term signifying that a person is not of sound mind isnon compos mentisa person who is no longer under the care custody or supervision of a parent is called aemancipated minoran impartial panel established to listen to and investigate patient's complaints about medical care or excessive fees is called a ____committeemedical grievancelatin for things done deede the facts and circumstances attendant to the act in question would be callledres gestaetestimony of a witness under oath and written down before trial for possible use when the case comes to trial isdespositionA statute that enforces private right and liabilities as differentiated from crimal law is called acivil lawviolation or omission of a legal or moral duty is calledbreach of dutya deliberate physical attack upon a person is calledbatterylatin for he who acts through another acts for himself is calledqui facit per alium facit per sethe branch of study of moral issues questions and problems arising in the practice of medicine and in biomedical research is calledbioethicsa statement given concerning some scientific technical or professional matter by an expert such as a physican is calledexpert testimonya patients failure to act prudently and reasonably or doing that which a reasonable person would not do under similair circumstances is calledassumption of riskconcent to treatment based on a full understanding of all possible risks of unpreventable results of that treatment is calledassumption of riskconduct courtesy and manners that are customarily used in a medical office by medical professionals are known asmedical etiquettean intentional pervesion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right is calledfraudto interrupt or discontinue a suit temporarily with the intention or resumption at a late date or to ask for a continuance is calledsuspensionlatin for things decided that is a matter already decided by judicial authority is calledres judicatathat which is natural and continous sequence unbroken by any new independent cause produces an event and without which the injury would not have occured is calledproximate causethe presumption of inference of negligence when an accident is otherwise unable to be explained in terms of ordinary and known experience is calledres ipsa loquiturfailure to achieve an agreed upon result even when the highest degree of skill has been used is calledbreach of contractwhat license must a physician have to dispense prescribe or administer controlled substancesnarcoticunauthorized disclosure of information regarding any patient to a third party may result inmedical liablitymedical research is often published in medical journals that are evaluated by members of the medical community through a process known aspeer reviewunder peer review improvement act of 1982 peer review organizations are responsible for the review for appropriateness and necessity of putting a patient into the hospital by a process known as ______reviewadmissionsa fraudulent signature is called a ____forgery__________are defined as what are right and wrongethicswhich one of the following might involve a decision based upon bioethichsthe use of fetal tissue transplantation for researcha physician must have the patient's persmission in writing to reveal any confidential information except for ________gunshot woundit is______to deny treatment to HIV infected patientsunethical_______is a federal regulation requires health care professionals to protect the privacy and confidentiality of patiet's health informationHIPAAin the health care field the acronym HIPAA stands forhealth insurance Portablity and Accountability Actthe statement "A physician shall respect the law) is part of the _______AMA Code of Ethicsa system whereby large quantities of data can be accessed searched sorted and arranged very rapidly by computer is is called a ____systemdatabase managementa computer monitor hard drive and printer are known ashardwarethe term for the technology that tells a computer what to do is known as the____softwearthe computer key DEL command means ____deletethe computer's directional arrow keysmove the cursor right left up or downreferring to computers the term user friendly refers tohow easy the system is to operatethe process of changing words into numbers so that computers can be used in processing insurance claims is calledcodinga business letter written in full block style will have all linesat the left hand marginmaking a duplicate file to protect computer information from being lost is called making a ____backupwhen writing a business letter the salutation of a letter should be folowed by which punctuation markcolona newsletter that weighs less than one pound would be considered ____class mailthirdan office instrument is designed to receive and send printed documents via the telephonefax machinebusiness or handwritten mail that weighs less than 11 ounces is known as _____class mailfirstbusiness or handwrittenmail that weighs less than 11 ounces is known as______class mailfirstparcel post or_____class mail is used for bound printed matter film and sound recordingfourthbefore placing a telephone caller on hold it is appropriate to______ask if you may put caller on hold obtain a return phone number wait for the caller to confirm they can waitan incoming call should be answered by the_____ringthirdwhich of the following items is not needed when taking a routine phone messagecallers drivers licensePrior to answering an incoming call the medical assistant shouldscreen the caller with IDwhen handling incoming mail the medical assistant shouldattach the envelope to the correspondencea letter should be folded in _____using a #ten envelopethirds face up______is the study of words and their relationship to other words in a sentencegrammarwhen handling a patient complaint which one of the following would be most appropriatetake all compaints seriously and take thorough noteswhen working with patients from a different culture than your own one shouldshow respect for their culutrebody language body posture space and distance are all examples ofnon verbal communicationwhen caring for patients with physical disabilities which of these is not an appropriate consider for mostspeaking loudlya bed patient in a hospital is called ainpatienta person who represents either party of an insurance claim is theadjustera request for payment under an insurance contractor bond is called aclaimpayment made periodically to keep an insurance policy in force is calledpremiuma person or institution that gives medical care is a ______providerwhich of the following insurance plans provides a fixed payment per month to the physician regardless of the services renderedcapitationan amount the insured must pay before policy benefits begin is calleddeductiblean organization that offers health insurance at a fixed monthly premium with little or no deductible and works through a primary care provider is called ahealth maintenance organizationhealth insurance that provides protection against the high cost of treating severe or lengthy illnesses or disabilities is calledcatastrophica patient receiving ambulatory care at a hospital or other health facility without being admitted as a bed patient is called a____outpatientan injury that prevents a worker from performing one or more of the regular functions of his job would be known as apartial disabilitya pervious injury disease or physical condition that existed before the health insurance policy was issued is called_______preexisting conditionone who belongs to a group insurance plan is called____subscribera sum of money provided in an insurance policy payable for covered services is called_____benefitsto prevent the insured from receiving a duplicate payment for losses under more than one insurance policy is called_____coordination of benefitswhen a patient has health insurance the percentage of covered services that is the responsibility of the patient to pay is known ascoinsuranceinsurance that is meant to offset medical expenses resulting from a catastrophic illness is calledmajor medicalan unexpected event which may cause injury is calledaccidenta doctor who agrees to accept an insurance companies pre-estabilshed fee as the maximum amount to be collected is calledparticipating physicianinsurance plans that pay a physician's full charge if it does not exceed his normal charge or does not exceed the amount normally charged for the service is calledusual customary and reasonablea notice of insurance claim or proof of loss must be filed within a designated____ or it can be deniedtime limita health program for people age 65 and older under social security is calledmedicarea civilian health and medical program of the uniform services is calledtri carea form of insurance paid by the employer providing cash benefits to workers injured or disabled in the course of employment is called ____workers compensationa recap sheet that accompanies a Medicare or Medicaid check showing breakdown and explanation of payment on a claim is calledexplanation of benefitsa type of insurance whereby the insured pays a specific amount per unit of service and the insurer pay the rest of the cost is calledco paymentan insurance greater coverage of disease or an accident and greater indemnity payment in comparison with a limited clause is calledmajor medicala rider added to a policy to provide additional benefits for certain conditions is calleddread disease rideran interval after a payment is due to the insurance company in which the policy holder may make paymentsgrace periodan agreement by which a patient assigns to another party the right to receive payment from a third party for the service the patient has received is calledassignment of benefitsa skilled nursing facility for patients receiving specialized care after discharge from a hospital is called____extended care facilitypayment for hospital charges incurred by an insured person because of injury or illness is calledhospital benefitsan agent of an insurance company who solicits or initiates contracts for insurance coverage and services and is the policyholder for the insurer is called______insurance agenta method of charging whereby a physician presents a bill for each service rendered is calledfee for servicethe tri care fiscal year is fromOctober 1 to September 30the number on the employees withwithholding exemption certificate isW-4FICA provides benefits for_________social securityas part of the office bookeeping procedures the physicians bank statement should be reconcited with the _______checkbooka record of debits credits and balances is referred to as a patient'sledgera signature on the reverse side of a check is calledendorsementa form to itemize deposits made to savings or checking accounts is calleddeposit slipto correct a handwritten error in a patient's chart it only acceptable to_____draw a line through the error and insert the correct information date and intial itlow income patients can be covered under what type of insurancemedicaidthe reference procedural code book that uses a numbering system developed by the AMA is called _____current procedural termionlolgy____is a method used for determining whether a particular service or procedure is covered under a patients policypercertificationthe international classification of Diseases ICD 10 is used to codediagnosesin insurance coding using an E code designatesclassification of environmental events such as poisoningE/M codes are located in the____manualCPTwhich codes can modifiers be added to that a procedure or service has been altered in some wayCPTthe______form is used by non institutional providers and suppliers to bill medicare part B covered servicesCMS-1500the suffix -emia means____bloodthe medical term for expanding or opening wider is ____dilatethe abbreviation for urinalysis is_____UAthe medical term for groups of cells with the same function is___tissuethe medical term for the basic unit of body structure is ____cellthe abbreviation for below or low is______hypothe medical term for the time when menstruation begins is _____menarchethe medical term for the time when menstruation stops ismenopausethe abbreviation for gastrointestinal isGI or G.Ithe medical term for an involuntary movement isreflexthe medical term for paralysis from the waist down is____paraplegiathe medical term for paraylsis from the neck down isquadriplegiathe medical abbreviation for by mouth is _____pothe abbreviation for dressing isdsgthe medical term for paralysis on one side of the body is___hemiplegiathe medical term for circular movement around a centra point is_____rotationthe medical term for turning the palm forward as applied to the hand issupinationthe medical term for a decrease in size or wasting isatrophythe medical term for straightening of a body part isextensionthe abbreviation for postprandial blood sugar isPPBSthe medical term for moving a body part away from the body is ____abductionthe medical term for bending a body part isflexionthe medical term for turing the palm backward isadductionthe medical term for bending backward isdorsiflexionthe medical term for the abnomal shortening of a muscle iscontracturethe medical term for moving a body part toward the midline of the body isabductionthe abbreviation for laboratory islabthe abbreviation for discontinue isd/cthe abbreviation for bedtime or hour of sleep ishsthe abbreviation for above or high ishyperthe abbreviation for hour ishr or hthe abbreviation for electroencephalogram isEEGthe abbreviation for Papanicolaou smear ispap smearthe abbreviation for cancer is____CAthe medical term for loss of appetite is_____anorexiathe medical term for tube feeding isgavagethe medical term for sugar in the urine isglucosuriathe common term for decubitus ulcer a pressure sore isbedsorethe abbreviation for temperature pulse and respiration isTPRthe word element phlebo meansveinthe word element pneumo meansair lungsthe word element adeno meansglandthe word elements algia agesia refer topainthe word part cardio meansheartthe word element cranio meansskullthe word element ectomy meanssurgical removalthe word element emesis meansvomitingthe word element cise meanscutthe word element centesis meanspuncturethe word element renal meanskidneythe word element post meansafterthe word element osis meanscondition ofthe word element rhino meansnosethe word element stomato meansmout or the ostium uterithe word element super meansabovethe abbreviation for toxic shock syndrome isTSSerythema refers tored skinthe opposite of deep issuperficialhigh blood pressure is referred to ashypertensionneoplasm refers tonew growththe abbreviation carb meanscarbohydratethe abbreviation for chief complaint isCCthe abreviation for grain isgrwhat license must a physician have to dispense or administer controlled substancesnarcoticsphysicians with a narcotics license are required to register on june 30 of each year with the ____drug enforcement agencya drug that causes urination is called adiuretica drug that relieves a cough is calledantitussivea drug that neutralizes acidity is called anantacida drug that controls appetite is called anappetite suppressora drugs used to prevent blood from clotting is called aanticoagulanta drug that is used to control the temperature isantipyretica drug that reduces anxiety is called atranquilizera drug that causes dilation of blood vessels is called avasodilatora drug that decreases congestion is called adecongestanta drug that causes the pupil of the eye to dilate is called amydriatica date on a bottle od medication that provides use until date is theoutdate or expiration datea drug that increases urigary output is called adiuretica liquid preparation which mixes fine droplets of oil in water such as castor oil is called anelixirnitroglycerin is used fortreatment of angina pectorishydrocortisone is a drug used to suppressinflammationschedule I drugs includesubstances that have no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuseschedule IV drugs includeminor tranquilizers and ypnotics that have a lesser potential for abusethe buccal method of administering a drug is done byplacing the medication between your gum and cheekoxygen is ordered as percentage of oxygen concentration and its rate of dellivery is written asliters per minutea drug that produces sleep is called ahypnotican inactive substance substitied in place of the actual durg to satisy the patient is calledplacebothe abbreviation for elixir iselixthe abbreviation for emulsion isemulthe abbreviation for fluid isflthe abbreviation for ointment isoint ungthe abbreviation for solution issolthe abbreviation for suppository issupthe abbreviation for syrup issyrthe abbreviation for tablet istabthe abbreviation for tincture istincthe abbreviation for intramuscular isIMthe abbreviation for injection isinjthe abbreviation for right ear isADthe abrrevation for both ears isAUteh abbreviation for drops isgttthe abbreviation for two times a day isbidwhen mixing reagents always read the labeltwicethe____pages of the physicians desk reference is where a medical assistant would be able to locate a medication by brand or generic namepinkmedications can be located in the PDR under all of the following categoriesmanufacturer generic name brandnamethe physician has ordered 500mg of medication and the amount you have on hand is 250mg tablets then how many tablets would you administer2the physician ordered 0.2gm of a medication the amount on hand is 400mg tabs how many tablets will be given to patient05the physician has ordered 50 50 mg of demerol be given to a patient the amount on hand is 100mg/ml how many ccs of demerol will be injected05the sebaceous glands skin hair and nails make up the ____systemintegumentarythe heart lymphatic organs and blood vessels are in the ____systemdigestivethe bladder urethra kidneys and ureters are in theurinaryin the human body the senses includeears eyes nosethe brain nerves and spinal cord are in the ___ systemnervousthe trachea nose lungs and pharynx are all in the ___systemrespiratorytendons joints and cartilages are in the___systemskeletalthe upper middle area of the abdomen is called theepigastric region