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Henry Knox

Secretary of War under George Washington


President's hand picked advisors

George Washington elected


Judiciary Act of 1789

established court system in US

elastic clause in Constitution

Article 1, section 8 a law can be made if it is good for the US

Washington's Proclamation of Neutrality

1794 We will not interfere with war between England and France b/c we wanted to trade with both countries

John Jay

First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Jay Treaty

treaty with Great Britain not popular but prevented war with GB

Pickney Treaty

Treaty with Spain popular b/c it gave US the right to trade on the Miss River

Battle of Fallen Timbers

At Fort Miami in present day Ohio between Mad Anthony Wayne's soldiers and Native Americans

Mad Anthony Wayne

waited three days to attack Indians at Battle of Fallen Timbers crushed them

Treaty of Greenville

Treaty after battle of Fallen Timbers and Indians had to surrender homelands in present day ohio

Washington's Farewell address

keep religion in your lives, stay neutral, don't have political parties

Hamilton's Economic plan

established plan after Revolution with 4 parts: pay all debts, establish National bank, establish protective tariff and establish excise tax

Alexander Hamilton

Secretary of Treasury under Washington

excise tax

tax on goods within the US


import tax on goods coming to US

Protective Tariff of 1792

heavy tax on goods coming into US so it would force Americans would buy american goods

Pierre L'Entant

French engineer who designed Washington DC

Whiskey Rebellion

farmers in Penn rebelled against the tax on whiskey so Washington sent 13,000 troops into Penn to enforce its laws

Benjamin Banneker

first African American to be given an important job in govt by a President; he helped design Wash DC

John Adams elected President


Presidential Election of 1796

John Adams (federalist) vs Thomas Jefferson (dem-rep) Pres and a VP from different political parties

Federalist creator

Alexander Hamilton

Dem-Rep creator

Thomas Jefferson


wealthy people from New England: wanted a strong govt run by rich people, loose interpretation of Const. and tough voting requirements, Favored England


poor farmers from South and West: wanted states to have more power than federal government, easy voting requirements, strict interpretation of constitution, favored France

XYZ Affair

France hijacking US ships so US sent diplomats to France. XYZ bribed us we became mad at them and wanted to go to war. Pres. John Adams said no to war which was unpopular with US people so he lost election of 1800. Result: US built up their Navy.

Alien Act

John Adams and Federalists created to keep people from becoming Dem-Rep. This increased the time from 7 years to 14 for immigrants to become US citizens

Sedition Act

Federalist created to keep people from becoming Dem-Rep. Took away our freedom of speech and press. Cant say anything negative about the govt.

Virginia and Kentucky Resolution

written by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in response to the Alien and Sedition acts. Stated that the states could declare a law unconst. and null & void

Null and Void

states have power to declare a law made by congress unconst. thereby making it invalid

Marbury vs Madison

famous Supreme Court case; first time they declared a law made by Congress unconstitutional. Established judicial review and strengthened Supreme COurt

John Marshall

Second Chief Justice of Supreme Court, ruled for 33 years, made SC powerful

Thomas Jefferson elected President


Presidential election of 1800

Aaron Burr vs Thomas Jefferson tied and it went to the House of Representatives 36 times Alex Hamilton persuaded 3 members to vote for Jefferson. Significance: 12 Amendment

12th Amendment

electors now vote separately for President and VP

Aaron Burr

VP under Jefferson, challenged Alex Hamilton to a duel and killed him. Left US for France and became a traitor

Barbary Pirates

blocked our entrance into the Med Sea unless we paid them so we went to war with them at the Battle of Tripoli and won. Significance: stood up to the pirates and gained more respect

Stephen Decatur

War hero who fought the Barbary pirates at the Battle of Tripoli

Louisiana Purchase

1803 we bought land from France for 3 cents an acre which was $15 million. It doubled the size of the US best real estate deals in history

Napoleon Bonaparte

Emperor of France who sold us Louisiana Purchase He wanted to rule the world. He needed $ to fight Britain.

James Monroe

One of the diplomats sent by Jefferson to buy New Orleans

Lewis & Clark Expedition


William Clark

one of the explores of the Louisiana Purchase

Meriwether Lewis

Helped Clark explore the Louisiana Purchase


teenage Native American who guided Lewis and Clark while carrying her child


African American slave who explored Louisiana Purchase with Clark

Zebulon Pike

explored southwest and discovered Pike's Peak

Freedom of Seas violation

French and British searched all US ships and forced US citizens to become British soldiers

James Madison elected President

1808 - 4th President


Great Native American leader who wanted to unite all Native Americans against white men in Northwest territory

the Prophet

brother of Tecumseh, religious leader of Native AMericans, put a curse on US Presidents, one eye

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