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The Destructors

Where: Set in London, in a town destroyed by bombs.
When: After WWII.
Significance: The members in the gang have lived under hard circumstances. There fathers might have gone and died in the war. They have witnessed destruction from the war, and now they are doing it themselves, by destroying Mr. Thomas's house.
Point of View
Third Person.
Man vs Man-When Mr. Thomas arrives home
Man vs Himself-When Trevor is pressed for time
When Mr. Thomas arrives home, and the gang traps him in the loo, while they finish destroying the house.
Mike needing to go to church, he wants to destroy a house but will be late because he has to go to church.
Giving Mr. Thomas food. The gang members say they wouldn't want him to starve, yet they are destroying his house, so they wouldn't mind him being homeless with nothing, not even his life savings.
Trevor's dad being an architect yet, he want's to destroy a house.
Trevor/"T",Mike, Blackie, Mr. Thomas/Old Misery, Driver
Becomes the leader, fifteen years old, organizes and instructs destroying the house.
Important quotes: "We'll pull it down, we'll destroy it." Pg. 12 "We aren't thieves...We'll burn them" Pg. 16 "I've been there... At Old Misery's" Pg. 11 "They'd never know. We'd do it from the inside...We'd be like worms, don't you see, in an apple." Pg. 12 "Of course I don't hate him, there'd be no fun if I hated him." Pg.16
Important actions: Goes to Old Misery's house before destroying it, leads the group in the destruction, burns Old Misery's savings.
Type of character: Protagonist, and indirect characterization - dramatic characterization the character is revealed through his actions in destroying the house and telling everyone else what to do, and destroy.
Nine years old, surprised by everything, hard worker, goes to church.
Important quote: "I've got to go to church." Pg.14
Important actions: Doesn't end up going to church, clipped the wires, smashed glasses, rips the bedding.
Type of character: A stock character, helps T destroy the house, does whatever he is told.
The previous leader, jealous of T, because he's the new leader, questions T a lot.
Important Quotes: "Who cares? It's only Old Misery's" Pg. 10 "We'll show him we don't take bribes." Pg.10 "He'll tell you." (Giving up leadership) Pg. 13
Important actions: Wonders if he hates Old Misery, want to share the money.
Type of Character: indirect characterization - dramatic characterization the character is revealed through what he says to everyone especially T.
Old Misery
The owner of the house that get's destroyed, older man, kind.
Important Quotes: "My house, where's my house?" Pg. 21 "Let me out and I won't say anything. I've got rheumatics. I got to sleep comfortable." Pg. 21
Important actions: Goes out of town for Bank holiday, forced to sleep outside when he arrives home and the gang isn't done destroying his house.
Type of character: Antagonist, targeted by the Wormsley Common Gang.
Kind, finds the best in every bad situation.
Important Quote: "I'm sorry I can't help it, Mr. Thomas. There's nothing personal, but you got to admit it's funny." Pg. 22
Important action: Brings down the house, his car was supporting the pole and when he drove away the whole house crumbled to the ground.
Type of character: Static character, doesn't change he only appears once.
Graham Greene