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  1. intractable (adg)
  2. feckless (adj)
  3. Primordial (adj)
  4. unwonted (adj)
  5. Exhume (v)
  1. a promimative or developed at very beginning
  2. b unexpected or not in keeping
  3. c to dig up
  4. d lacking without spirt faith or lacki9ng enthusiam
  5. e stubborn or hard to manage

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  1. language that is wordy or inflated
  2. green in color or immature
  3. Wicked or depraved
  4. mental acceptance, credibility
  5. spicy or stimulating to taste or mind

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  1. cavort (v)to condem or strongly dissapprove of


  2. eulogy (n)a formal statement of high praise


  3. Deragatory (v)to condem or strongly dissapprove of


  4. viscous (adj)green in color or immature


  5. dissemble (v)to condem or strongly dissapprove of