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Allusions Q-S

title character, the deaf, pitiably ugly protagonist od Hugo's HUnchback of Notre Dame, set in medieval Paris, where he is the bellringer of the cathedral. name=courageous heart beneath grotesque exterior, and with ringing bells.
Captain Queeg
the unstable skipper of a mineseweeper in Herman Wouk's novel the Cain Mutiny, about the AM navy in WWII. _, a solitary querulous suspicious man, commands the cain and compusively pursues small issues such as theft of strawberries, but is unable to gain trust of his men or lead effectively. he blames his failures on others.someone who is a martinet about petty rules, small minded, arbitrary, defensive,even slightly paranoid.
the quick and the dead
a new testament phrase referring to the day of judgement, when Jesus Christ will return from heaven to judge everyone, both the __, and will determine who will have eternal life, etc.
Don Quixote
central figure in Cervantes novel whose character is so memorable tha this name gave bith to an adjective. the word means "romantically impractical" "unrealistically idealist" and often "extravagantly chivalrous"
a Jewish clergyman or clergywoman; by extension, a protector or mentor. means"my teacher" or "my master"
someone who obrings clients and business to a firm, especiallt a law firm, in a larger sense; someone who makes things happen. originally, a shaman that made it rain.
the protagonist and murderer in Fyodor Dostoyevksy's Crime and Punishment; by extention, a murderer who believes he is above morality and the law but then is tortured by his conscience. an impoverished student whose brooding predicatment leads him to killl an wold woman pawnbroker and steal her money.
one who has powerful corrupting and damaging influence over another in power. he was a monk notorious for controlling influence over the Russian Imperial Family in its last years. Name means "licentious"
not simply a building material, but a British coinage to refer to those universities in Britain other than Oxford and Cambridge and sometimes the ancience universities of Scotland. term often used in a hournalistic and sometimes snobbish shortcut to categorize these lower-order institutions and their graduates.
Red Queen's race
running very hard to stay in the same place. She is a chees piece come to life in Through the Looking Glass, and she follows few of the rules of logic and none of the rules of chess. A and she set off running as fast as they can and end up where they started.
brought back. a Latin word. the word popularized by Updike in his 1971 novel
the period of rule by one who governs a kingdom during the minority, absence, or disability of the sovereign.#mad king George the III
road to Damascus
the point at which a dramatic charge in viewpoint occurs, owing to some miraculous intervention, or someone is converted by sudden insight to a sharply different opinion. Saul of Tarsus was a young rabbi on his way to __ to persecute Christians there. Green light, Christ talks to him and he's instantly converted.
room of one's own
a private place, away from external distractions and demands, in which an individual has the solitude required for thinking and working. phrase is a title of 1929 essay by Virginia Woolf on difficulty faced by women artists and the status of women in society.
the key to a personality; the talisman that embodies a heart's desire and drives ones to achieve an act. it is a word from cinematic history, dying words from Citizen Cane.
rosetta stone
the key to a mystery. Originally a black basalt stone found in 1799 in Egypt that provided the first clue to the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs. a stone found near __ by Napoleon's troops.
a boundary or limit, which when crossed commits a person irrevocably. in 49 BC, Caesar led his army to the banks of __, a small river that marked the boundary beftween Italy and Gual and which the Roman Senate forbade him to cross.
__ was an American journalist and short-story writer who wrote colorful tales of streetwise New Yorkers and colorful rogues. his slang and jargon became known as "__"
salad days
time of youthful inexperience or indiscretion; an early flourishing period. the expression goers back to Shake's Antony and Cleopatra.
a name that= fanatical religious zealotry or puritanical extremism, esp. regarding to the arts. he was a monk who came to Florence to preach repentance, but also expounded the pope.
Scarlet letter
a scarlet "A" worn as a punitive mark of adultery. a symbol or mark of shame. reference to 1850 novel.
scarlet pimpernel
a swashbuckling hero and elusive master of disguise, who rescues those in perilous circumstances. he as an English nobleman who pretended to be a frivolous fop to disguise his true identity as the daring rescuer of doomed French aristocrats during the French Revolution.
a miser, a skinflint. taken from __, the rich, tight-fisted of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, famed for exclamations of "Bah, humbug."
Scylla and Charybdis
two equally hazardous alternatives. hazards in Greek legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece and also in Homer's Odyssey.
Second Coming
the coming of Christ as judge on the last day. as foretold in the book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible
see through glass darkly
to have an unclean or inaccurate vision of reality obscured by one's own innate or acquired limitations. phrase from New Testament. Paul explains that man's knowledge is as imperfect as the image in a dull mirror that gives a poor reflection compared with the clarity that will prevail when God's purpose is revealed.
sentence first, verdict afterwards
...a famous pronouncement by the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland during the trial of the Knave of hearts (for stealing tarts)
a priest or priestess who uses magic for the purpose of curing the sic, divining the hidden, and controlling events. a high priest. by extension, wonderworkers and fixers on Wall Street and to others with inexplicable abilities to work change in difficult situations.
to use trickery to put someone into an undesirable position. to put aboard a ship by force, often with the help of liquor or a drug. in 19th century trade, ships sometimes got the additional hands they needed by drugging men on shore and carrying them aboard and sailing off before they became conscious.
a remote, beautiful, imaginary place where life approaces perfection; utopia, or hideaway. hilton's Lost Horizon, this place was in Tibet.
shot heard round the world
a brief, local act that achieves broad attention and influences major events elsewhere. Emerson's Concord Hymn, about Lexington and Concord.
siren song
an irresistible appeal; especially a deceptive and dangerous lure. a seductive woman may be called one. from Greek word meaning "entangler"
of, relating to, etc labors of ___, a king of Greek mythology condemned eternally to roll a heavy rock up a hill in Hades onl to have it roll down again each time. a __ task is one that never ends.
slouching toward Bethlehem
the slow but inexorable appraoch of somethign evil that will inevitably overwhelm what is good. phrase from Yeat's poem "The Second Coming" describes vision of sphinx-like monster.
slough of despond
a state of extreme depression. the term comes from Bunyan's allegorial masterpiece Pilgrim's Progress.bog of discouragement.
snake oil
various mixtures sold as medicine usually without regard to their medical worth.a quak remedy. from many medicine shows, traveling charlatans, etc.
snows of yesteryear
the lost, transitory past. it is part of a line from the work of 15th century French poet Villon.
Sodom and Gomorrah
bywords for places notorious for vice or corruption. in Genesis 19, cities destroyed by God with Fire and Brimstone bc of their wickedness. blah blah lot's wife.
a wise and skillful lawgiver. a member of a legislative body. _ himself was an Athenian statesman and lawgiver of 6th century BC.
something rotten
a statement of suspicion or of the existence of corruption. taken from Shake's Hamlet. Marcellus, officer of the guard, having seen ghost of the king, says it.
sound and fury
great but meaningless noise nad commotion. it is from Shake's Macbeth, when he learns of the death of his wife.also title of a Faulkner book.
sow dragon's teeth
to incite strife, to plant the seeds of future conflict. from a greek myth where doing this would sprout a crop of armed warriors.
extremely loud. word usually applied to human voice, but also to extremely forceful expression by printed word, such as huge letter newspaper headline. derives from name of __, a herald in the Greek army. his voice was as loud as 50 men.
unreal or false in a robotic, programmed, too good to be true way. it's derived from novel __, who are all picture of domestic perfection
Sturm and Drang
a late-18th-century German literary movement characterized by works of rousing action and high emotion that often deal with the individual's revolt agains sciety. it is German for "storm and stress."
the principal river of the underworld in Greek mythology. it is the river over which Charon the boatman ferries the spirits of the dead; the Greek and Romans placed a coin in the mouth or hand of deceased so they could pay for their ferry. it is the river by which gods swear their most binding oaths; if broke faith, have to drink it and lie speechless for a year.
sulk in one's tent
to be moodily silent and refuse to take part in important activities because of a perceived slight or petty grievance. reference from the Iliad.
Billy Sunday
__, a fire-eating evangelical preacher who achieved great fame in the US. his name= raoring style of fundamentalist preaching, and he is often compared to fictional Elmer Gantry.
one who attempts, usually with evil intentions, to persuade or force another to do his bidding. from character in DuMaurier's novel Trilby, who is a beautiful woman who falls under power of musician __, a sinister fellow who uses hypnosis to turn her into a great singer.
sweetness and light
a hallmark of culture, a harmonious combination of beauty and enlightenment; or a state of reasonableness and amiability, or a situation in which those qualities prevail. popularized by Brit poet Arnold and also Jonathan Swift.
sword of Damocles
an impending potential disaster. in Greek legend, __ was a hanger-on of Dionysus. He got annoyed and invited the kid to a party, and had him sit at dinner under a sword suspended by a single strand of hair, while talking about how fortunes are precarious.