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  1. Heart murmur
  2. Spleen
  3. Thyroid Cartilage
  4. Cystic Fibrosis
  5. Oropharynx
  1. a Abnormal sound heard when listening to the heart or neighboring large blood vessels.
  2. b filters microorganisms and other foreign material from the blood
  3. c Protects the larynx ....AKA adam's apple
  4. d Genetic disorder
  5. e Shared by the respiratory and digestive systems and transports air, food, and dluids downward to the laryngopharnyx

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  1. deficiency of blood passing through an organ or body part
  2. Also Known As platelets are the smallest formed elements of the blood......IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE CLOTTING OF BLOOD!
  3. Occurs when the ventricles contract, is the highest pressure against the walls of an artery
  4. Surgical incision of the pharynx
  5. abnormal buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood

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  1. LeukopeniaSystemic condition caused by the spread of microorganisms and their toxins via the circulating blood


  2. Deep vain thrombosis (DVT)thrombus attached to the wall of a deep vein


  3. Tracheorrhagieaabnormally fast rate of respiration


  4. NeurtophilsMost common type of White Blood Cell


  5. CiliaBreath