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  1. What does secondary circulation in the atmosphere entail?
  2. What does tertiary circulation in the atmosphere entail?
  3. Describe the Subtropical High Pressure area.
  4. Isobar?
  5. Isohyet?
  1. a The Subtropical High Pressure area consists of Westerlies, the Bermuda High, the Azores High, and the Pacific High.
  2. b Tertiary circulation is the movement of local high and low pressure cells, and parcels of air will cause local weather patterns, such as the weather patterns of a coastal city that is influenced by the body of water nearby.
  3. c Secondary circulation consists of the migration of high and low pressure cells. Major pressure cells move from high pressures to lower pressures, bringing with them fluctuations of temperature and moisture, causing climate.
  4. d Equal pressure.
  5. e Equal rainfall.

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  1. A barometer can measure changes in air pressure. The two types of barometers are the mercurial barometer, which is more accurate but less easily transportable, and the aneroid barometer, which is less accurate but more portable.
  2. The four factors that affect atmospheric circulation are as follows: the Coriolis Effect, gravity, friction forces, and changes in air pressure.
  3. Equal temperature.

  4. Pressure gradients drive air from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure, creating winds.
  5. The wind direction is always reported as the direction from which the wind is blowing. Winds which blow from the west, for example, are westerlies. They blow towards the east. Winds which blow from the south are called southerlies. They blow towards the north.

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  1. Explain air pressure tendency.Air pressure tendency is important, along with the air pressure reading on a barometer. Falling air pressure, which corresponds to a decrease in the length of mercury in the column on a mercurial barometer, generally indicates stormy weather.


  2. What do high pressure cells tend to do?Low pressure cells tend to ascend and converge.


  3. Thermal equator?Equal rainfall.


  4. What are Trade Winds?Doldrums refers to a broad east-west belt of light winds that occur along the equator where the Trade Winds from the northern and southern hemispheres converge.


  5. Describe the Polar High Pressure area.The Polar High Pressure consists of polar easterlies and the Antarctic High pressure area.