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  1. Negative
  2. Storage
  3. Long term memory
  4. Memory Misattribution
  5. Anterograde amnesia
  1. a inability to transfer new information from the short term store into the long term store (results from damage to hippocampal region of brain)
  2. b assigning a recollection or idea to wrong source (John Doe 2)
  3. c stimulus is removed
  4. d hold information for hours, days, weeks, or years → hippocampus
  5. e the process of maintaining information in memory over time

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  1. the tendency for information to be better recalled when the person is in the same state during encoding and retrieval
  2. a reaction that resembles an unconditioned response but it is produced by a conditioned stimulus (salivating from a buzzer)
  3. gradual elimination of a learned response that occurs when US is no longer presented (dog does not respond to food but does to tone)
  4. any stimulus or event that functions to decrease the likelihood of the behavior that led to it
  5. external information that is associated with stored information and helps bring it to mind

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  1. Discriminationthe phase of classical conditioning when the conditioned stimulus and the unconditioned stimulus are presented together


  2. Retrograde amnesiainability to retrieve information that was acquired before a particular date, usually the date of an injury or operation


  3. Retrieval-induced forgettingis a process by which retrieving an item from long-term memory impairs subsequent recall of related items


  4. Operant Conditioninga type of learning in which the consequences of an organisms behavior determine whether it will be repeated in the future (active behaviors)


  5. Short term memoryactive maintenance of information in short term storage


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