apII final review

For a given trait, if the genotype is aa, the individual is ___________.
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Which of the following is not consistent with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)?Occurs as estrogen levels dropAn individual's basal metabolic rate ideally represents _____________.the minimum resting energy expenditure of an awake, alert personWhat happens to the chromosome number as a result of meiosis?It is reduced by half.What is the term for a gene's position on a chromosome?locusTransport of oocytes toward the utureus occurs in the uterine tubes by a combination of __________.ciliary movement and peristaltic contractionsIn strict dominance, a dominant allele ____________.will be expressed 100 percent of the time when paired with a recessive alleleGastrulation produced three germ layers. Which of the following is not one of those layers?BlastocoeleWhat is the role of the endocrine system in reproduction?Coordinating reproductive eventsWhich of the following enzymes are released from the acrosome of sperm?Hyaluronidase and acrosinWhich systems that are relatively nonfunctional during the fetus' prenatal period must become functional at birth?the respiratory, digestive, and urinary systemsWhich of the following is the term for the events that occur during the first two months of development after fertilization?Embryological developmentA woman seeking to become pregnant could do which of the following to determine when she might be ovulating?All of the listed responses are correct.Which of the following do(es) NOT contribute to semen production?Endometrial glandsWhat does it take for an ovulated oocyte to become a mature ovum?Penetration by a spermThe prostate, seminal vesicle, and bulbourethral glands do NOT ____________.provide chemicals to make the female's vagina more acidicThe chloride shift occurs in order totransport bicarbonate ions into the blood plasmaWhat happens in the process of hatching?The zona pellucida is shed from the blastocystWhat is the hormone that is produced by the placenta and stimulates the mother's ovaries to continue the production of progesterone?hCGSeminiferous tubules and newly produced sperm are separated from the general circulation and the immune system by all of the following except ________________.blood-brain barrierDuring oogenesis, meiosis produces how many functional gametes?OneThe most dangerous period in prenatal or postnatal life is the _______________.first trimesterThe group of tall cells in the distal convoluted tubule that serve as either chemoreceptors or baroreceptors are the __________ cells.macula densaThroughout embryonic and fetal development, metabolic wastes generated by the fetus are eliminated by their transfer to the __________.maternal circulation____________ are chemical messengers that are released by cells and transported in the bloodstream to alter the activities of specific cells in other tissues.HormonesRupture of the papillary muscles in the left ventricle may result inmitral valve prolapseThe three masses of erectile tissue that compose the body of the penis are ____________.two cylindrical corpora cavernosa and a slender corpus spongiosumWhich of the following is accurate regarding the events of fertilization?Two haploid gametes combine to make the diploid zygote.In a 28-day cycle, estrogen levels peak at ________________.day 14As blood travels from arteries to veins,pressure dropsThe first secretion produced by the mammary glands for the baby is _______________.colostrumWhich of the following is NOT a function of the urinary system?adaptive immunityEmbryogenesis is the process that establishes the foundation for __________.all the major organ systemsThe human lens focuses light on the photoreceptor cells bychanging shape.Which of the following does not occur during spermiogenesis?The mitochondria and Golgi apparatus are packaged into the head of the sperm.What is the "moment of conception"?Fusion of male and female pronucleiFluid and electrolyte balance is maintained by receptors that directly measure ______________.overall osmotic concentrationThe term inheritance refers to which of the following?The transfer of genetically determined characteristics from generation to generation.What is the stimulus that leads to the release of renin by the juxtaglomerular complex (JGC)?All of the listed responses are correct.What triggers the activation of the secondary oocyte?Fusion of the sperm and secondary oocyte membraneThe bulk of each tooth consists of a mineralized matrix similar to that of bone calleddentin