Appendix Nail Care

The nail is composed of a translucent plate of:
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A condition in which white spots appear on the nail due to air bubbles or bruising is:leukonychia spotsA darkening of the nail as a result of localized pigment within the matrix bed is called:melanonychiaAlso known as folded nail, this condition can lead to ingrown nails:plicatured nailNail plate conditions with a deep or sharp curvature at the free edge caused by the curvature of the matrix are called:pincer or trumpet nailThe technical term for ingrown nails is:OnychocryptosisThe technical term for deformed, bitten nails is:onychophagyOnychorrhexis is the technical term for:brittle or split nailsDamage to the eponychium or hyponychium and stretching of the skin by the nail plate can cause a condition called:nail pterygiumAn inflammation of the matrix with the formation of pus that can lead to nail shedding is:onychiaTiny pits or severe roughness of the nail plate may indicate a condition called:nail psoriasisA bacterial inflammation of the tissue around the nail causing redness, swelling, an d tenderness of the tissue is:paronychiaOnychomycosis is caused by a/an:fungal infectionA product that is used to lubricate and soften dry cuticles and brittle nails is a:cuticle creamMost men prefer:short nailsTools, implements, and surfaces must be:cleaned before disinfection