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19 terms by hansbauer Teacher

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Vokabeln Focus on Success new, Page 36. Mit englischem Beispielsatz

Expertenrunde (Engineers often sit in a _____ __ _______ )

panel of experts

Jugend (In my _____ I lived in Frankfurt )


Konferenz (On Monday I`ll take part in a __________ )


Aufgabe (In our last Englishtest was a very difficult ____ )


Werbeleute (___________ have a well paid job )


rechtfertigen (He _________ his behaviour with his illness )


vereinfachen, trivial machen (Advertisments often __________ women )


dumm (In our school some people are very ____ )


zu etwas machen, verwandeln (Advertisments ____ TV ____ something special )

turn into

Sexobjekt (Advertisments turn women into ___ _______)

sex object

verwirren, aufregen, verärgern (My mathteacher ______ me )


In der Tat, tatsächlich (I thought he didn\'t like me but ________ ________ he likes me a lot.)

in fact

elegant (For dinner some women wore _________ dresses )


gewöhnlich (We live in an ________ town )


Leopard (A _______ is a dangerous animal )


Eleganz ( A new big car has a lot ________ )


annehmen (The car _____ on the qualities shown in the advertisement )

take on

annehmen (Kate _______ Michael's invitation)


Qualität (Fruit that you can buy in a supermarket must have a high _______. )


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