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Chapter 7

was the first commercially available local area network system and remains, without a doubt, the most popular local area network system today


In a bus/tree topology, connecting to the cable requires a simple device called a(n)


A ____ is a device that interconnects two segments of local area networks and acts as a filter


In ____ segment networks, a switch may be directly connected to a workstation, and the switch connects to the hub


Whether shared or dedicated segments are involved, the primary goal of a(n) ____ is to isolate a particular pattern of traffic from other patterns of traffic or from the remainder of the network


The switch operates in place of a


was a system designed for twisted pair wiring, but with only a 1-Mbps data transfer rate for 500 meters


The ____ sublayer is primarily responsible for logical addressing and providing error control and flow control information

logical link control (LLC)

The IEEE ____ standard is said to be capable of 100 Mbps wireless transmissions


A relatively new standard, IEEE ____, was designed to allow multiple devices to intercommunicate and work together to create a virtual LAN


The most popular contention-based protocol is ____

carrier sense multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD)

____ cabling has become the preferred medium for star-wired bus topologies

Twisted pair

Depending on user requirements, a switch can interconnect two different types of CSMA/CD network segments: ____ segments and dedicated segments


The ____ design of a network determines how the data moves around the network from workstation to workstation


The interval during which the signals propagate down the bus and back is the ____

collision window

The ____ sublayer contains a header, computer (physical) addresses, error-detection codes, and control information

medium access control (MAC)

Two different signaling technologies can be used with a bus network: baseband signaling and ____ signaling


The ____ is used to connect local area networks to wide area networks


The ____ topology consists of a simple cable, or bus, to which all devices attach


If a switch has eight 100-Mbps ports, the backplane has to support a total of ____ Mbps


A(n) ____ protocol is the software that allows a workstation to place data onto a local area network

medium access control

The local area network software called a ____ server provides workstations with the authorization to access a particular printer, accepts and queues prints jobs, prints cover sheets, and allows users access to the job queue for routine administrative functions


One of the more interesting applications for a dedicated segment network and a switch is creating a

virtual LAN

The ____ LAN is geared toward the small office or home office


A ____ is a device that interconnects two or more workstations in a star-wired bus local area network and immediately retransmits the data it receives from any workstation out to all other workstations connected


A local area network performs file serving when it's connected to a workstation with a large storage disk drive that acts as a central storage repository, or ____


The ____ standard was one of the first Ethernet standards approved


More complex bus topologies consisting of multiple interconnected cable segments are termed ____


a European standard, is capable of transmitting data at a theoretical 54 Mbps using the 5-GHz frequency range


The IEEE 802.3z standards are also known as ____ Ethernet


In the ____, or ad hoc, layouts configuration, there is no access point at the center of a cell


Early local area networks transmitted data at only ____ million bits per second


With ____, you can send electrical power over the Ethernet connection

power over Ethernet (PoE)

The ____ rule states that between any two nodes on a network, there can be a maximum of only five segments (the sections between repeaters), connected through four repeaters, and only three of the five segments may contain user connections


In the ____ layout configuration, multiple cells are supported by multiple access points, as in a cellular telephone network


A local area network that is not based primarily on physical wiring but uses wireless transmissions between workstations is an

wireless LAN

When two or more hubs are interconnected and a workstation transmits data, all the workstations connected to all the hubs receive the data. This is an example of a(n) ____

shared network

A ____ system transmits 10-Mbps baseband (digital) signals over twisted pair for a maximum of 100 meters per segment length


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