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What priviliges apply to a commercial pilot?
may act as PIC for carrying persons or property for compensation or hire. (61.133) This FAR also states that a commercial pilot must be qulified and compy with the applicable parts of the regulations that apply to the particular operation. (91,135).
Commercial Pilot jobs without the need for operating certificate?
Student instruction, certain nonstop sightseeing flights, ferry or training flights, aerial work operations including crop dusting, banner towing, aerial photography, powerline or pipeline patrol. (listed in 119.1).
Common Carriage
refers to the carriage of passengers or cargo as a result of advertising the availability of the carriage to the public. a carrier becomes a common carrier when it "holds itself out" to the public.
Holding out
offering to the public the carriage of persons and property for hire either intrastate or interstate.
Private Carriage
carriage for hire that does not involve holding out is a private carrier. it is used for furtherance of business or personal use.
Example of Private carriage
Carriage of the operator's own employees or property.
Carriage of participating members of a club. Carriage of persons and property that is only incidental to the operator's primary business enterprise.
Limitations on CPL certificate without Instrument rating.
Instrument rating in the same category and class or prohibited from carrying passengers for hire in airplanes on cross country flights in excess of 50 nautical miles; and the carriage of pasengers for hire in airplanes at night.
To act as PIC or in any other capacity as required flight crewmemeber of a civil aircraft, what must a pilot have in his physical possession or readily available in the cockpit?
A Valid Pilot certificate
A photo ID
A current and appropriate medical certificate.
If a certificated pilot changes his/her permanent mailing address and fails to notify the FAA airman certification branch of the new address. the pilot is entitled to exercise the privileges of the pilot certificate for what period of time?
30 days after the date of the move.
If pilot certificate was accidentally lost or destroyed, a pilot could continue to exercise privileges of that certificate provided he follows what specific procedure
An application for replacement is made by letter to the department of transportation, Federal aviation admin.
and a person who has lost a certificate may obtain a facsimile from the FAA confirming that it was issued. this may be carried as a certificate for up to 60 days pending receipt of a duplicate certificate.
To act as PIC of a high performance aircraft, what flt experience requirements must be met?
A high performance airplane is an airplane with an engine of more than 200 horsepower. To act as PIC of an high performance airplanea person must have:
a. received and logged ground and flt training from an authorized instructor in a high performance airplane, or in a flt sim. or ftd that is representative of a high performance airplane, been found proficient in the ops and sys. of the airplane, and received a one time logbook endorcemnte from an cfi.
To be PIC of a presurized aircraft what flt experience is required?
must have received and logged ground and flt training from an authorized instructor and obtained an endorsement in the person's logbook or training record from an authorized instructor who certifies the person has: Satisfactorily accomplished the ground training which includes high altitude aerodynamics, meteorology, respiration, hypoxia, and received and logged training in a pressurized aircraft, or in a flt sim or ftd representative of a pressurizeed aircraft. and an endorsement in logbook or training record by authorized cfi.
To act PIC in tail draggers what flt exp. requirments must be met?
has received and logged ground and flt training from an authorized instructor and obtained an endorsement in the person's logbook or training record from an authorized instructor who certifies the person is proficient in the ops of a tailwheel a/p. flt training must incld. normal and xwind t/o and landings, wheel landings and go around procedures.
When wil a CPL holder be required to hold a type rating?
is required for aircraft over 12,500 lbs, turbojet powered aircraft and other aircraft specified by the administrator through aircraft type certificate procedures.
With respect to certification, privileges, and limitations or airmen, define the terms category, class and type.
Category- broad class of a/c. ex. airplane, rotorcraft, glider, etc.
Class- a class of a/c within a category having similar operating characteristics. ex. single engine land, multi-engine land.
Type- specific make and basic model of aircraft including modifications that do not change its handling or flt characteristics. dc-9, b-737.
Can a commercial pilot carry a passenger in an aircraft operated in formation flight?
No person may operate an aircraft, carrying passengers for hire, in formation flight.
Can a commercial pilot carry passengers in a restricted, limited or experimental category aircraft?
No person may operate a restricted, limited, or experimental category aircraft carrying persons or property for hire.
When may a commercial pilot log flight time as second in command time?
pilot ma ylog SIC time only for that flight time during which that person: is qualified under SIC req. of 61.55 & occupies a crewmember station in an a/c that requires more than on pilot by the a/c type certificate; or holds the appropriate category, class, and instrument rating (if flt is conducted ifr) for the a/c flown, and more than on pilot is require under the type certificate of the a/c or the regulations under which the flt is being conducted.
When can you begin logging night flight time?
night is the time between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight, as published in the american air almanac.
What are the requirments to remain current as a commercial pilot?
BFR within preceding 24 calendar months. Within preceding 90 days three takeoffs and three landings in the same category and class and if type rating is required in the same type. If the a/c is a tailwheel then the landings must be to a full stop. If 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise three t/o and landings to a full stop must have been done in the same category, class and type in the same time.
What class of medical certificate is required for commercial pilots?
A second-class medical certificate is required in order to exerise commercial pilot priviliges.
What is the duration of a second class medical certificate for operations requiring a commercial pilot certificate.
end of the last day of teh 12th month after the month of the date of examination shown on the certificate for operations requiring a commercial certificate. 61.23
Is a commercial pilot required to log all flight time? 61.51
only the time required to meet training and aeronautical experience used to meet the requirements for a certificate, rating or flight review is needed to be recorded in a manner acceptable to the administrator. Also, document and record aeronautical experience required for meeting recency requirements.
documents required on board the aircraft prior to flt?
Airworthiness certificate
Registration Certificate
Radio station license-if radio transmitter used overseas
Operating limitation - AFM/POH, placards, instmnt markings, or any combination of the above.
Weight and balance data
Which documents, required on board an aircraft must be displayed in such a way so as to be visible by both passengers and crew?
No person may operate a civil aircraft unless the airworthiness certificate required or a special flt authorization issued is displayed at the cabin entrance or cockpit entrance so that it is legible to pax and crew.
Are the aircraft and engine logbooks required to be carried on board an aircraft?
No.It is advised to be kept in a safe secure place such as the office, or home. The regs don't specify where the logbooks are kept. but they should be made available on request.
How can a pilot determine if his/her aircraft is equipped with a Mode C encoding tranponder?
By referencing the current weight and balance equipment list for the that a/c, a pilot could determing if there is a Mode C xponder installed.
If airworthiness certificate of an a/c indicate one of the following categories, what significance would this have?
a)Normal Category
b)Utility category
a)structural capablitity of +3.8Gs. A/C indended for non-aerobatic operation
b)A/C structrual capability of +4.4Gs. Usually permit limited aerobatics, including spins.
are airplane flight manuals (AFM) required to be on board all aircraft?91.9
all U.S a/C have availabel a current, approved AFM, or if applicable any combination of approved manual materials, markings, and placards. All aircraft manufactured after 3.1.79 must have an AFM. For a/p type certificated with gross weights of 6,000 lb or under which wer not required to have an afm, the required info. may be an AFM or any combination of approved manual material, markings, and placards. These should be current and available in the a/p during operation.
What are Special Flight permits, and when are they necessary. 21.197
an authorization that may be issued for an a/c that may not meet applicable airworthiness requirements but is safe for a specific flt. These permits are issued for; a. flying an a/c to a base where repairs, alterations or MX will take place; b. Delivering or exporting a/c; c. Production flt testing new production a/c; d. evac of A/C from areas of impending danger; conducting customer demo flts in new production a/c that have satisfactorily completed production flt.. tests; to allow the operation of an overweight a/c for flight byond its normal range over water or land areas where adequate landing strips or fuel is not available.
What is procedure for obtaining a special flt permit?
If a special flt permit is needed, assistance and the necessary forms may be obtained from the FSDO or designated air worthiness rep. (DAR)
What instruments and equipment are required for VFR day flt
What instruments and equip. are required for VFR night?
ATOMATOFLAMES+FLAPS. one spare set of fuses, or three of each kind; position lights; anticollision lights; landing light; source of electrical power;
Who is responsible for ensuring that an aircraft is maintained in an airworthy condition?
The Owner or operator of an aircraft is primarily responsible for maintaining a/c in an airworthy conditon.
After aircraft inspections have been made and defects have been repaired, who is responsible for determining that the a/c is in an airworthy condition?
The PIC of a civil A/C is responsible for determining whether that A/C is in condition for safe flt. The PIC shall discontnue the flt. when unairworthy mechanical, electrical, or structural conditions occur.
Can you legally fly an A/C that has an inop. flap position indicator?
Unless operations are conducted under 91.213 (paragraph d) the regs require all equipment installed on an aircraft in compliance with the airworthiness standards or the operating rules must be operative. If equipment originally installed in the A/C is inop. the airworthiness certificate is not valid until such equipment is eithger repaired or removed from that a/c. The rules permit a MEL to be the authority in determining if an equipment is required.
Can an A/C operator allow flight ops to be conducted in an A/C with known inoperative equipment?
Part 91 describes acceptable methods for the operation of an aircraft with certain inop instruments and equipment which are not essential for safe flt. The acceptable methods are: Operation of a/c with a MEL as authorized 91.213(a). Operation of a/C without MEL under 91.213(d)
What are MELs?
the MEL is a precise listing of instruments, equip., and procedures that allows an a/c to be operated under specific conditions with inop equipment. The MEL is specific inoperative equipment document for a particular make and model A/C by serial and registration numbers. The FAA approved MEL includes only those items of equip. which the admin. finds may be inop and maintain an acceptable level of safety by appropriate conditons and limitations.
If an A/C is not being operated under a MEL, how can you determine which instruments and equipment on board can be inoperative and the aircraft still be legal for flt?
if not under part of the vfr day type certifcation instruments and equipment perscribed in the applicable airworthiness regulations under which the aircraft was type certified; if not indicated as required on the a/c's equip list, or on kinds ops equip list, for the kind of flt operation being conducted; if not rquired by 91.205; and if not required to be operational by an airworthiness directive.
What is an aircraft equip list, and where is it found?
furnished with the aircraft is an equip list that specifies all the required equipment, and all equipment approved for installation in the A/C. The weight and arm of each equipment is included on the list, and all equipment installed when the a/c left the factory is checked. usually found with the weight and balance data.