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study of the occurence,distribution,and determinants of health and disease in a population


traces the spread of disease to identify its origin and mode of transmission


the occurance of a disease in an unusually high number of individuals in a population at the same time


world-wide epidemic- widely distributed


disease constantly present, usually at low incidence, in a population.As long as endemic lasts, the few infected people are called reservoirs


the number of cases of an individual disease in a population in a given time period. Provides a record of new cases of a disease.


the total number of new and exisiting disease cases reported in a population in a given time period. Indicates total disease burden in a population


cases of disease may occur when individual cases are recorded in geographically seperated areas, implying that the incidents are not related


a number of cases are observed, usually in relatively short period of time, in an area previously experiencing only sporadic cases of the disease

Subclinical Infections

diseased individuals who show no symptoms or only mild symptoms


subclinical infected individuals are frequently carriers of a particular disease


incidence of death in a population


incidence of disease in a population and includes both fatal and nonfatal dieases


sites in which viable infectious agents remain and from which infection of individuals may occur. May be animate or inanimate


a dieases that primarily infects animals, but is occasionall transmitted to humans


living on dead matter

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