Literary Monsters Vocab List 3

ebullition (n.)
exuberence; bubbling enthusiasm
metamorphosis (n.)
change of form, structure, function
deride (v.)
to scorn or ridicule
accoutrement (n.)
clothes, equipment
hoary (adj.)
white or gray
assail (v.)
to attack physically or verbally
quail (v.)
to recoil (in fear)
countenance (n.) (v.)
(n.) facial expression (v.) to approve or tolerate
grave (adj.)
serious; solemn
pall (n.)
a dark or gloomy covering
keen (v.)
to wail mournfully
dirge (n.)
a song of grief or mourning
dogmatism (n.)
arrogant, positive assertion of opinion
fraught (adj.)
filled or loaded
foist (v.)
to get a thing bought (or accepted) by fraud or deception