Exercise Phys Quiz 1

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Different exercise variablesintensity sets reps rest interval exercise selection exercise order speed/tempo frequencyVolumetotal work performed usually expressed as sets x reps x frequencyIntensityhow hard you are working can be external (resistance being used) or internal (perceived effort level)3 mechanisms of hypertrophymechanical tension muscle damage metabolic stressmechanical tensiontension of muscle that occurs during lengthening while under heavy load primary contributor to muscle growthmuscle damagetears to sarcolemma, basal lamina, connective tissue, etc. body response to this is like acute inflammatory response release of growth factors lead to satellite cell proliferationmetabolic stressoccurs via short, intense, exercise bursts causes a buildup of metabolitesusing RPE in clinical settingexact dosage will vary testing 1RM and using percentage is rarely clinically appropriate RPE is alternative to 1RMconsiderations of exercise selectionPhysical activity level (sedentary vs. active) Stage of healing Psychosocial considerations Feasibility (equipment/time commitment) Bio-motor related goals (hypertrophy, ROM, strength) Patient specific goalstop 4 exercise modifications due to painadjust ROM modify intensity alter speed of exercise play around with similar, slightly different, exercisesRead/write out exercise tempoeccentric - transition - concentric x = explosiveStrength Goal guidelines> 85% of 1RM 2-4 sets < 6 reps moderate rest period (2-5min) 7-10 RPEHypertrophy goal guidelines67-85% of 1RM 3-6 sets 6-12 reps short-mod rest periods (60-120s) 6-9 RPE