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T/F : A patient faxes you a prescription, written by their family doctor, through their personal fax machine. The prescription meets all legal requirements and can be dispensed.
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T/F: Refills are permitted for Lorazepam (Ativan) if the original prescription is verbalTrueT/F Intravenous diacetylmorphine (heroin) can be administered in hospital settings.TrueT/F: Exempted codeine products, ie: Tylenol #1 (codeine 8mg) are classified as narcotics.TrueT/F: Pharmacy technicians may transcribe verbal prescriptions for Controlled drugsFalseT/F: Refills are permitted for Lisdexamfetamine if the original prescription is written.TruePharmacist Bruce, shares information about a patient without his consent to another patient. This is an example of : Professional ignorance Professional injustice Professional Misconduct Professional incompetenceProfessional misconductPart C of the FDA includes the prescriptions Drug list which includes drugs that require a prescription to be sold. Which of the following criteria does NOT apply? a. The supervision of the drug by a practitioner is necessary for the treatment in respect of which the drug is recommended for use. b. The drug or its effects has uncertainty which justifies its supervision c. The use of the drug can cause harm to human or animal health d. The addition or removal of a drug from the Prescription Drug list is decided by the collective decision of the regulatory bodies.DT/F: All registrants are responsible for the protection from loss, theft or unlawful sale of only Schedule I and II drugsFalseT/F Registrants must record a transfer of drugs that occurs for any reason other than dispensingTrueWhich of the following medications can be adapted, given all requirements are met? A. Anileridine (Analgesic) B. Celecoxib (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory) C. Venlafaxine (Antidepressant) D. Chlordiazepoxide (Benzodiazepine)BBarbiturate are classified as Controlled Drug Part II, with the exception of two drugs that are classified as Controlled Drug Part I. Which of the following barbiturates are classified as Controlled Drug Part I: A. Phenobarbital and secobarbital B. Secobarbital and Amobarbital C. Phenobarbital and pentobarbital D. Pentobarbital and secobarbitalDHow long does a pharmacist have to report loss or potential theft of a controlled drug substance to Health Canada?10 daysA medication container is too small to attach the entire prescription label. What information can be trimmed off the label. A. dispensing date B. patient's full name C. Prescription number D. drug identification numberDA registrant must meet a certain level of function of which of the following? a. knowledge, dispensing skills, and ethics b. knowledge, dispensing skills, safety, and communication skills c. knowledge of pharmacy services and safety requirements d. knowledge, skills, abilities, and ethicsDCan a patient decline consultation if the doctor has gone over the prescription in office with them and they are in a rush?Yes, BUT must document that the consultation was offered and declined.Which of the following are required to be documented for the transfer of a prescription for lorazepam (Controlled/Targeted Substances)? a. the name and address of the transferring pharmacist b. the quantity and number of remaining refills, and date of last refill c. the DIN d. answers a and bDWhat are the requirements to receive narcotics?1. Name of the narcotics 2. Quantity of the narcotics 3. Return record of receipt to the wholesale manufacturer within 3 working daysT/F: If a prescription comes in for the same medication and nothing is changed then you can fill the old refill and log the new one on fileFalse.Which types of medications require their sales kept in a register or computer-printed report?Straight narcotics and controlled drugs part IWhich of the following is NOT listed under the Controlled Prescription Program? A. Methaqualone B. Methylphenidate C. Meperidine D. MorphineBWho is permitted to prescribe Clonazepam (controlled/targeted)?Physicians, dentists, midwives, nurse practitioners, and podiatristsWhich classes of drugs must have indication of the specific number of times and intervals between refills ?Targeted /Controlled substances Controlled Drug Part I, Controlled Drug Part II Controlled Drug Part IIIPharmacist, Kim, refuses to dispense a prescription for a patient because they identified as homosexual. What can Kim do to help the patient?Kim should fill the prescription because "respect for persons" requires the Pharmacists do not discriminate based on sexual orientation.Which of the following narcotic drugs can be received verbally by the pharmacist? A. Percocet B. Tylenol #4 C. Hydrocodone D. Fiorinal C1/2DWhich ethical prescription guides registrants to first "do no harm"?Non-maleficence.Which of the following is required when providing an emergency supply for continuity? A. Individual incompetence B. Maximum quantity up to 14 days C. Original prescription D. Sufficient informationDPharmacy assistant, LI, is studying to become a pharmacist, He uses any time at work in between patients are the pharmacy to study and complete his school assignments. This behavior is:Unacceptable because this is a conflict of interestLength of renewal when adapting a prescription is:Whatever period of time as long as it does not exceed the expiry, and maximum 3 months supply.Drug schedule for NabiloneSynthetic cannabinoidsDrug schedule for Clozapine1Drug schedule for Testosterone1 controlled drug part IIIDrug schedule for Ibuprofen 200mg sold in package size of 24 tablets3Drug schedule for ChlorpheniramineUDrug schedule for Hydrocortisone 1% cream 15 g packUnscheduledDrug schedule for Epipen2Drug schedule for Percocet1A CPPDrug schedule for pentobarbital (somnotol)1 controlled drugs Part IDrug schedule for Tylenol #21 verbal narcoticDrug schedule for Adderall XR1 Controlled Drug Part IDrug schedule for Ranitidine 150mg sold in packs of 30 tabs3Drug schedule for nystatin vaginal cream3