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  1. inner core
  2. radiation
  3. continent
  4. destructive force
  5. convection
  1. a dense sphere of solid iron and nickel in center of earth
  2. b great land mass surrounded by oceans
  3. c force that slowly wears away mountains and features on earth's surface
  4. d transfer of heat through empty space
  5. e transfer of heat in a heated fluid

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  1. process by which molten material adds new oceanic crust to ocean floor
  2. a dark, dense rock with a fine texture found in oceanic crust
  3. plate boundary where 2 plates move towards each other
  4. rigid layer made up of uppermost part of mantle and crust
  5. well tested concept explaining wide range of observations

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  1. conductiontransfer of heat in a heated fluid


  2. densitytrace of organism that has been preserved in rock


  3. heat transfermovement of heat from something hot to cold


  4. crustbreak in earth's crust where slabs of rock slip past each other


  5. mid-ocean ridgedeep valley along ocean floor through which oceanic crust slowly sinks towards mantle