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  1. convection
  2. lithosphere
  3. seismic wave
  4. convection current
  5. rift valley
  1. a deep valley forms where 2 plates move apart
  2. b movement of fluid caused by differenes in temperature that transfers heat from one part to another
  3. c vibration that travels through earth carrying energy released during an earthquake
  4. d transfer of heat in a heated fluid
  5. e rigid layer made up of uppermost part of mantle and crust

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  1. section of lithosphere that slowly moves, carrying pieces of continental and oceanic crust
  2. dense sphere of solid iron and nickel in center of earth
  3. force that builds up mountains and land masses on earth's surface
  4. hypothesis that continents slowy move across earth
  5. amount of mass in a given space, mass per unit volume

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  1. sonardevice that determines distance of an object by recording echoes of sound waves


  2. Geologista scientist who studies the materials and forces that make and shape Earth


  3. subductiontransfer of heat through solid material


  4. heat transferdeep valley forms where 2 plates move apart


  5. radiationtransfer of heat through empty space