A customer is long 400 shares of BuyStuff Inc., a big-box retailer. He borrows 400 shares to sell while maintaining his long position. This sale is called
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short against the box.

This is called a short against the box. It was a popular way of locking in a capital gain and deferring the tax consequences into another year. However, this practice was restricted by the Tax Relief Act of 1997; it was so restricted that it has largely disappeared as a practice.
locate the shares to be borrowed.

The locate requirement mandates that the broker-dealer have located the share to be borrowed before the order is executed. If the customer already owns the shares then this would be a short against the box, and still requires the broker-dealer locate the shares. As this is an unlimited risk position it would be impossible to deposit sufficient funds to cover the potential loss.
wrap account

Wrap accounts are accounts for which firms provide a group of services, such as asset allocation, portfolio management, executions, and administration, for a single fee rather than charging commissions for individual transactions. Wrap accounts are generally investment advisory accounts and can be cash accounts, margin accounts, discretionary accounts, or nondiscretionary accounts.
buy 200 shares of Seabird

A customer would need to buy the shares in order to close this short position. Borrowing the shares does not close the short, nor does buying the call. They could buy the call and then exercise, but the buy, alone, does not close the position. If they closed the position at $10 they would have a gain.