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What is the average weight of a block of cheddar?
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What is the shelf life of rattlesnake bite cheese mix?3 daysWhat is the shelf life of breaded snakebites?4 daysHow long should breaded snakebites sit before frying?4 hoursHow long should rattlesnake bite filling sit before being breading?OvernightWhat is the shelf life of all dressings?5 daysA 1x of bleu cheese dressing yields...3 gallonsA 1x of blossom sauce yields...1 gallonA 1x of Caesar dressing yields...4 1/2 gallonsA 1x of creamy horseradish yields...3 cupsA 1x of creole mustard yields...5 1/4 cupsA 1x of honey French yields...1 1/2 gallonsA 1x of honey mustard yields...4 1/2 gallonsA 1x of Italian yields...1 3/4 gallonsA 1x of ranch dressing yields...5 1/2 gallonsA 1x of thousand island yields...2 1/2 gallonsPortioned veggies should weigh...5 1/2 - 6 ozPortioned broccoli should weigh...5 - 5 1/4 ozThe shelf life of portioned veggies/broccoli is what?2 daysHow much should an only carrots portion weigh?