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Angel Nava


The phase of contraction is called?


The phase of relaxation is called?

0.8 seconds

Complete diastole and systole of both atria and ventricles constitute a cardiac cycle this take an average of?

Closure of the valves

The heart sounds lubb and dubb are produced by?

AV valves close

The first sound lubb of the heart sound is?


The tiny blood vessel joining arterioles and venules is called?


The large vessels carrying blood away from the capillaries and return it to the heart is called?


An other name for heart muscle is called?


Artery > arteriole > ___________ > venule > vein

Coronary circulation

The delivery of oxygen and nutrient-rich arterial blood to cardiac muscle tissue and the return of oxygen-poor blood from this active tissue to venous system are called?


How many chambers does a heart have?


What the trade name of isosobide?

Angina pectoris

What is the rationale for the prescription of Isordil (isosobide)?


What is the most common adverse reaction of Dilatate (isosobide)?


What is trade name of diltiazem?

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