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  1. pecuniary
  2. vacuous
  3. iniquity
  4. gainsay
  5. nemesis
  1. a lacking intelligence
  2. b injustice
  3. c To deny; declare false
  4. d relating to money
  5. e an opponent motivated by revenge

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  1. to confuse
  2. extraordinarily bad
  3. corrosive or capable of burning
  4. to proclaim or announce
  5. easy to shape or bend

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  1. maleficenceThe undertaking of evil or harmful acts. That which is mischevious or rooted in ill.


  2. temerityan opponent motivated by revenge


  3. collusiona conspirational or secret understanding entered into for an illicit or fraudulent end


  4. eclecticchoosing from various sources


  5. nugatoryworthless