Criminal Law- Chapter 17

T/F- Evidence that someone is carrying a firearm in Massachusetts is, by itself, a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity
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T/F- In order to charge a defendant with illegal possession of ammunition you must send the ammunition to a laboratory to be test firedFalse. Documenting that the ammunition appears to be in good condition and is the type fired by a certain firearm is sufficientWhat is the most persuasive way to prove a working firearm?ballistics testimony about test firing the recovered gunT/F- An owners claim that the dealer said the gun worked is sufficient proof of a working firearmFalseT/F- The commonwealth must prove the defendant in possession of a firearm knew the weapon could fireFalseOfficers may charge a suspect with both carrying a loaded firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition even if all the ammunition was loaded in the particular gunFalseT/F- For the enhance charge of possession of a loaded firearm the defendant must have knowledge that the firearm is loadedTrueT/F- In addition to being charged for illegally possessing a large capacity weapon, a suspect may also be separately charged for possessing a large capacity feeding deviceTrueT/F- For large capacity possession, police must prove a person knows he possesses a large capacity weapon/feeding device. This means he knows the gun or device accepts more than 10 bullets or 5 shotgun shellsTrueUnder 269 S 10, the term ammunition does not includechemical maceA sawed off shotgun is a modified shotgun with a barrel or barrels that are less than_____ inches or an overall length less than _______ inches18, 26Under 140 S 131N what is constructed in a shape that does no resemble a handgun yet is capable of discharging a shot and may resemble a key chain, pen or cigarette lighter?covert weaponPossession of a bump stock or trigger crank isa felonyT/F- A person who possesses a fake gun qualifies as being armed for any crime against a person in GI Chapter 265TrueT/F- Any citizen who possesses a stun gun without an LTC commits unlawful possession of a firearmTrueWhat is the right of arrest for unlawful possession of a firearmwarrantless with PCWho may lawfully posses self-defense spray?Anyone over 18 with no felonies or ROs against them, or under 18 with an FID cardA person does not need an LTC for a firearm made before ____ although they may need an FID for ammo1900T/F- For the purpose of firearms law, lawful permanent resident (Green Card holders) are considered Massachusetts residents, not aliens. They are eligible to apply for resident LTCs and FIDsTrue269 S 12E prohibits discharging a firearm within ___ feet of a dwelling or other building in use500You respond to a shots fired at a local shopping mall in the early hours of the morning. You meet a man that states he fired a gun accidentally. You don't want to charge discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling because the mall was closed. Is this correctNo, it is only not in use if it is a vacant buildingDoes it matter that the defendant accidentally discharged the weaponNoT/F- The law mentioned in the previous question does not apply if the gun is carried by or under the control of the owner or other lawfully authorized userTrueNo person carrying a loaded firearm under any LTC shall have it in a vehicle unless it isunder their direct controlAn LTC holder cannot carry a large capacity rifle or shotgun in a vehicle unless it is __________ and ________________Unloaded and in the locked trunk or a secure containerT/F- In order to be convicted of improper storage under 140 S 131L, the commonwealth must prove that the weapon was loadedFalseJack had an LTC and an officer visited him for his straneg behavior, the officer found his handgun in a waste basket in the yard with a trigger guard on the weapon. JAck lives with his 16 y/o son. What is the charge?No crime