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A melody used as the basis for a longer piece of music


What is the term for a musical form based on strict imitation of a melody


What element of western music is not recognized in the music of Asia or in many tribal cultures?


Two, or more, melodies performed simltaneously is called-


Two, three, or more, notes sounded simultaneously is called


The manipulation of the basic elements of a melody or theme is called a

Varriation (Varriation on a theme)

A musical form based on independent dance forms is called a


Music based on counterpoint is most often related to what era


Music based on counterpoint ca also be called

Polyphonic music.

The vilolyn, viola, cello bass violyn, guitar, are in what family of instruments


A sonata is a term that means

a multi-movement musical composition composed for a solo instrument or solo instrument and piano.

The era of music that dominated the 19th century is called the

Romantic era.

music composed for unaccompanied voice or voices is called


What is the term for a musical form that tells a story, but does not have dance and is not 'staged'


What is the term for a musical composition that contains dance, costume, is staged, but does not have vocal music


What is the musical term for a work that has both vacal and instrumental music, has a story line, contains dance, and is staged


What is the term for an instrumental introduction to an oratorio, opera, or ballet


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