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a specific term referring to the movement of small particles or liquids into the cell

active transport

transportation of materials that require the use of cell energy

facilitated diffusion

diffusion that moves substances passively through the membrane from high concentrations to low concentrations using CARRIER PROTEINS


a specific term referring of the movement of large particles or solids into the cell

isotonic solutions

solutions that have equal concentrations of solutes inside and outside the cell

hypotonic solutions

solutions that have lower concentrations of solutes outside the cell

hypertonic solutions

solutions that have higher concentrations of solutes outside the cell

passive transport

transportation of materials that does NOT require the use of cell energy

concentration gradient

a term that refers to the difference between the high and low concentrations


a general term that refers to the bulk transport of large objects into the cell


the burst of animal cells


the water pressure that has been built up in the plant cells


the bulk movement of materials out of the cell


Cell membrane are selectively ______, which means that they allow only certain substances to pass through


diffusion rates may be affected by: concentration, temperature, and ______

contractile vacuoles

the special organelles that are pumped out excess water by some cells


special protein molecules that move some larger molecules through the membrane


the bursting of cells due to osmosis


the diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane

brownian motion

the random motion of molecules


the shrinking of cells due to osmosis


the random motion of molecules that occurs from the region of high concentration to the region of lower concentration

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