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cocci are bacteria that are
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the ability of the body is to destroy, resist, and recognize infection is calledimmunityDisinfectants sold and used in the U.S. must carry _________ registration numbersan Environmental protectant agency EPAWhich agency publishes the guidelines known as Standard Precautions?CDCIn 2012, OSHA agreed to comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals System (GHS), which requires the use of a standard format called __________ (SDS) to replace the MSDS.Safety Data SheetA type of disinfectant with a very high PH that can damage the skin or eyes is calledphenolic dissinfectantHow long should you wash your hands?60 secondsAntiseptics are intended forreducing microbes on the skinStandard precautions require employers and employees to assume that all human bloods and body fluids are potentiallytoxicThe SDS contains _______ categories of information10When disinfecting a whirlpool foot spa after use by a client, you must circulate the disinfectant for _________ or for the time recommended by the manufacturer.10 minAfter cleaning and disinfecting a pipeless foot spa after each client, how should you dry it?With a clean paper towlWhich form of hepatitis is the most difficult to kill on a surface?Hep BAccelerated hydrogen peroxide is a recently approved form of disinfectant that only needs to be changed every14 daysIt is important to wear gloves _______ while disinfecting nonelectrical tools and implements.Safety GlassesLicensing, enforcement, and your conduct when you are working in the salon are regulated by ___ agencies.stateSome ______ disinfectants are harmful to salon tools and equipment.tuberculocidalAs part of the SDS categories, first-aid measures include important symptoms/effects as well asrequired treatmentCutting living skin is allowed only byqualified medical professionalsFungal infections are much more common on the __________ than the handsfeetItems that can be cleaned disinfected and used on more than one person even if the item is accidentally exposed to blood or body fluid are calledmultiuseThe process that destroys all microbial life issterilizationIf the label on a disinfection product includes the word concentrate, it means that the product must be:diluted before useQuat solutionsvery effectiveUsing _______ bleach can be damage metal and plastictoo much5.25 percent sodium hypochlorite is also known ashousehold bleachNever let disinfectants such as phenols and quats come in contact with your:skinItems that are ___ are also considered absorbent.porousIt is recommended that salons identify each time a piece of equipment is used, cleaned, disinfected, tested, and maintainedin a logbookThere is no additive, powder, or tablet that eliminates the need for you to ______ equipment.clean and disinfectNot having ___ available poses a health risk to anyone exposed to hazardous materials and violates federal and state regulations.SDSAntimicrobial and antibacterial soaps are ____ regular soaps in detergentsNo more effective than______ include guidelines for the use of gloves, masks, and eyewear with contact with blood or body secretions containing blood or blood elements is a possibility.Standard precautionsAfter they have been properly cleaned and disinfected, implements should be stored in a(n) ___ container.clean, coveredAfter each client, you should properly clean the basic foot basin or tub, and then add the appropriate amount of disinfectant and let it soak for _____ or the time recommended by the manufacturer10 minBefore beginning any service, you should wash your hands using pump soap, water, and a:clean, disinfected nail brushA disease that is spread from one person to another is calledcontagious diseaseThe one-celled microorganisms having both plant and animal characteristics are calledbacteriaThe transmission of blood or body fluids through touching, kissing, coughing, sneezing or talking is known asdirectTransmission of blood or body fluids through contact with a(n) __, such as a razor or an environmental surface, is indirect transmission.indirect transmissionVarious poisonous substances produced by some microorganisms are called:toxinsA disease that is spread from one person to another iscommunicable diseaseA disease caused by a pathogenic organism that enter the body, and which may or may not be spread from one person to another isinfectious diseaseAs part of the SDS 16 categories, toxicology information includes routes of exposure, related symptoms, and ______acute and chronic effectsAny organism of microscopic to submicroscopic size is a(n):microorganismThe removal of blood or other potentially infectious materials on an items surfaces, and the removal of visible debris or residue is calleddecontamination_____ diseases affects the body as a whole, often due to under- or over- functioning internal glands or organsA systemicThe determination of the nature of a disease from its symptoms and diagnostic test isa diagnosis_____ is a condition in which the body reacts to injury, irritation, or infectionAn inflammationA parasitic disease may be caused byliceA ______ is a submicroscopic particle that infects and resides in cells of biological organisms and is capable of replication only through taking over the host cell's reproductive functionvirusthe virus that causes AIDS ishuman immunodeficiency virus (HIV)Contact with nonintact skin, blood, body fluid, or other potentiall infectious materials that is the result of the performance of an employee's duties is a(n):an exposure incidentThe scientific name for barbers itch isfolliculitis barbaeOrganisms that grow, feed, and shelter on or in another organism while contributing nothing the survival of that organism areparasitesThe presence, or the reasonably anticipated presence, of blood or other potentially infectious materials on an items surface or visible debris or residues is calledinflamminationthe term _____ describes a ringworm fungus of the foottinea pedisA reaction due to extreme sensitivity to certain foods, chemicals, or other normally harmless substances isallergy______ is produced by organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasitespathogenic diseaseIllnesses resulting from conditions associated with employment are:Occupational diseaseAs part of the SDS 16 categories, handling and storage lists precautions for safe handling and storage, includingincompatibilitiesThe methods used to eliminate or reduce the transmission of infectious organisms is calledinfection controlDifferent bacteria move in different ways and self movement is known asmotility____ is an abnormal condition of all or part of the body, or its systems or organs, which makes the body incapable of carrying on normal functionsa diseaseWithin the field of cosmetology, the ability to produce an effect is known asefficacyAdd ______________ when diluting to prevent foaming, which can result in an incorrect mixing ratio.