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What are the visual elements of art?

line, shape, light, value, color, texture, space, time, and motion

What are the principles of design?

unity, balance, rhythm, scale, proportion

what is the measure of a line?

length and width

What work of Sal Le Witt's lines so precise and mathematical that he was actually conscious of their measure?

Lines from four corners to points on a grid

According to our author, the works of which two artist reveal the expressive characteristics of line?

Sole LeWitt and Jackson Pollock

How are contour lines created?

by the edges of things

When are the contour lines percieved?

when the three dimensional shapes curve backinto space

What kind of lines are created by the edge of things?

countor lines

What are actual lines?

connected and continuous

What are implied lines?

completed by the viewer

What do we call connected and continuous lines?

actual lines

In the Madonna of the Rocks, where does Leonardo da Vinci place the head of the virgin?

at the apex of a rather broad and stable pyramid formed by the extention of her arms and the direction of her glance

What are the functions of lines?

to outline shapes, evoke forms and movement, imply solid mass, or for its own sake

What artist created the color linocut Sharecropper (1968)?

Elizabeth Catlett

What is modeling?

the creation of the illusion of roundness of three dimensions through the use of light and shadow

What is stippling?

using a pattern of dots that thinkins and thins

What is hatching?

using series of closely spaced parallel lines to achieve a similar effect

What is cross-hatching?

series of lines run in different directions and cross one another

How do we refer to the illusion of roundess or three dimensions throught the use of light and shadows?


Which renaissance artist shows how line can be used to outline forms and evoke movement?

Sandro Botticelli

How are shapes formed?

when intersecting or connecting lines enclose space

How can shapes be communicated?

by the lines that enclose specific areas of the painting

What is the volume of a work of art?

the mass or bulk of a three dimensional work

What is form?

shape in sculpture or architecture

Which artist created the Holocaust Memorial, Vienna (2000)?

Rachel Whiteread

What kind of mass do drawing and painting have?

implied mass

What are the two basic types of geometric shapes?

regular and precise

What is actual mass?

occupies three dimensional space and have measurable volume and weight

Who is the architect of the Guggenheim Museum in Biboa, Spain?

Frank Gehry

Who painted Les Demioselles d'Alabama Vestidas(1985)?

Robert Colescott

What do we call shapes that seem to ebb and flow, expand and contrast, or meta morphose as directed by some inner life force?


Who created Sun Tunnels (1973-1976)?

Nancy Holt

What does the amount of light reflected by a surface determine?


What is visible light?

part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy that also includes radio waves and cosmic rays

Which artist painted The Sleeping Gypsy?

Henri Rousseau

How do we refer to the degrees of difference between shades of grey?

value contrast

How do we refer to the fradual shifitng from light to dark through a successive graduation of tones across a curved suface?


Of what does the visible spectrum consist?

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

How are tints created?

by adding white

How do we refer to colors opposite each other on the color wheel?


How do we refer to neutral colors?

achromatic or black, white, and their mixture of gray

What kinds of colors are created by mixing pigments of primary and adjoining secondary colors?

tertiary colors

how do we refer to the hue of an object as created by the colors its surface reflects under normal lighting conditions?

Local colors

What is optical color?

our perceptions of color, which can vary makedly with lighting conditions

Who painted the Night Cafe?

Vincent Van Gogh

How is simulated texture in a work of art referred to?

visual texture

Which artist painted Gift Wrapped Doll #19(1992)?

James Rosenquist

What kind of texture compels the viewer to look again at an object and to think about it more deeply?

Subversive texture

How does the artist create the illusion of three-dimensionality on a two-dimensional surface?

relative size and lineat perspective

How is the process referred to when parallel lines converge at a single point on the horizon?

one-point perspective

How is the illusion of depth created?

atmospheric perspective

Who painted The Heart of the Andes?

Frederic Edwin Church

How do artists create or capture actual motion?

Kinetic art and photography

Who sculpted Apollo and Daphe?

Gianlorenzo Bernini

Who painted Dynamism of a Soccer Player?

Umberto Boccioni

What can by implied by repetitive imagery?


Who created Dali atomicus?

Philippe Halsman

What artistic movement was based on creating optical sensations of movement through the repetition and manipulation of color, shape, and line?

Op Art

Who created I Can't?

Ida Applebroog

Who photographed Kitchen Tantrums?

Bernhard Johannes and Anna Blume

What do we tend to perceive when we look at a color for an extended period of time?

after image

Define Ability.

the human capacity to make things of beauty

Define process.

art encompasses actes such as drawing, painting, sculpting, designing buildings, and using camera to create memorable works

Define product.

art is the completed work-an etching, a sculpture, a structure, a tapestry

Who designed Galla Placidia in Philadelphia?

Joyce Kozloff

Who created Floridi Como for the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas?

Dale Chihuly

Which artist reproduced a well-known photography of Marilyn Monroe on canvas?

Andy Warhol

What pupose of art does the replication of reality in the finest detail reveal?

the purpose of art as revealing truth

What multimedia work revolves around a fantastic dinner party?

The Dinner Party

Who painted the Dinner Party?

Judy Chicago

In what ways does art express religious belief?

hopes for fertility, propitiate the gods, to symbolize great reigious events and values, and to commend heavenward the souls of the departed

Who created A Shaman;s Helping Spirits in 1971?

Jessie Oonark

Who translated a biblical story into a work that speaks to the African American Sensibility?

Aaron Douglas

What Christian church built in 532-537 c.e. was converted to an Islamic mosque in 1453?

Hagia Sophia

What paintings does out author use to illustrate the expression in art of fantasies?

Marc Chagall's I and the Village/ Max Beckmann's The Dream

What are the purposes of conceptual art?

may represent external objects, challenges the traditional view of the artist as creative visionary, skilled craftperson, and master of one's medium

What two artists each painted Piano Lesson?

Henri Matisse and Romare Bearden

What artist photographed Red Library #2?

Laurie Simmons

What American painter was inspired to paint nature's unbridled power as revealed in waves, waterfalls, and thunderstorms?

Louise Chase

What photographer recognized photography as a fine art as well as a tol for recording events?

Alfred Stieglitz

What is tar beach?

painted patchwork quilt

Who created Tar Beach?

Faith Ringgold

What is Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different?

a collage by Richard Hamilton

Which 19th century Spanish painter used his art to satirize the political foibles of his day and to condemn the horrors of war?

Francisco Goya

Who painted Liberty Leading the People?

Eugene Delacroix

What was In Mourning and in Rage?

a performance at Los Angeles City Hall

Which artist created the mixed media work known as The Liveration of Aunt Jemima?

Betye Saar

What is Miriam Schapiro;s Wonderland?

a collage that reflects her "femmage aesthetic"

What does Wonderland reflect?

her interest in depicting women's domestic culture

Among the readymades and assemblages of 20th century artist, what works do we find?

Marcel Duchamp's Fountain and Pablo Picasso's Bull's Head

What group made it possible for many artist to meet basic survival needs while continuing to work, and be paid, as artists?

a branch of the Works Progress Administration

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