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(60)Which is NOT a basic element that make up Business Requirements?
A. Success metrics
B. Functional requirements
C. Vision and scope statements
D. Business opportunities
E. Business objectives
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(59)Which is NOT an example belong to the Action Enablers, a type of business rule?
A. If the expiration date for a chemical container has been reached, then notify the person who currently possesses the container.
B. Every order has a shipping charge.
C. On the last day of a calendar quarter, generate the mandated ABC and XYZ reports on chemical handling and for that quarter.
D. If the chemical stockroom has containers of a requested chemical in stock, then offer existing containers to the requester.
(57)Which is the most appropriate way when you want to resolve the disagreement requirement between Individual users?
A. Favored user class gets preference
B. Segment with greatest impact on business success gets preference
C. Product champion or product owner who will decides the requirements
D. Business objectives dictate direction
(56)Which is the correct definition of the term business rule based on the information system perspective?
A. A business rule is guidance that there is an obligation concerning conduct. action. practice, or procedure within a particular activity or
B. A business rule is a statement that defines or constrains some aspect of the business. It is intended to assert business structure or to of the business.