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  1. San Francisco de los Tejas
  2. presidios
  3. What did the missionaries eat every day in the mission?
  4. vaqueros
  5. Were presidio soldiers paid very much?
  1. a No
  2. b cowboys
  3. c mission built by the Spanish in East Texas that ended in failure
  4. d military bases in Spanish colonial America
  5. e thin cereal

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  1. Karankawa
  2. families from the Canary Islands
  3. mission and presidio built by Aguayo near Matagorda Bay
  4. they were afraid of the Spanish reaction to the proximity of a French site so close to Texas
  5. Some ranchos were privately owned, but many belonged to the missions.

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  1. El Camino Realmission and presidio built by Aguayo near Matagorda Bay


  2. alcadename used for Hasinai Indians


  3. East Texas became important to the Spanish after which country started to explore the area?France


  4. Where did the Spanish flee to after they burnt down San Francisco de los Tejas?Mexico


  5. What was the first civil organized government in Texas?San Antonio