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  1. Who built San Fernando de Bexar?
  2. What tribe did the settlers at Fort St. Louis fight against?
  3. Why was La Salle's colony a secret?
  4. Tejas
  5. East Texas became important to the Spanish after which country started to explore the area?
  1. a families from the Canary Islands
  2. b they were afraid of the Spanish reaction to the proximity of a French site so close to Texas
  3. c name used for Hasinai Indians
  4. d France
  5. e Karankawa

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  1. Mouth of the Mississippi River
  2. to smooth the relations between Indians and missionaries.
  3. revolution
  4. San Antonio
  5. priest who wanted to build missions in East Texas

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  1. Fort St. Louismilitary bases in Spanish colonial America


  2. Were presidio soldiers paid very much?to smooth the relations between Indians and missionaries.


  3. Why did the Pueblo Revolt occur?forced settlers out of New Mexico


  4. Aguayo Expeditionmission led by the governor of Coahuila to reoccupy the missions in East Texas after the Chicken War


  5. La Bahiaofficial who served as mayor, sheriff, and judge in Spanish settlements in Texas


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