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  1. revolt
  2. San Antonio de Valero
  3. Why did the Pueblo Revolt occur?
  4. San Francisco de los Tejas
  5. Father Hidalgo
  1. a Spanish had tried to force the indians to give up their spiritual beilefs.
  2. b mission built on the San Antonio River
  3. c revolution
  4. d mission built by the Spanish in East Texas that ended in failure
  5. e priest who wanted to build missions in East Texas

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  1. Karankawa
  2. forced settlers out of New Mexico
  3. Farming and ranching
  4. they were afraid of the Spanish reaction to the proximity of a French site so close to Texas
  5. San Antonio

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  1. Who built San Fernando de Bexar?families from the Canary Islands


  2. Tejasname used for Hasinai Indians


  3. alcadename used for Hasinai Indians


  4. Ayuntamientogoverning council of a Spanish settlement in Texas


  5. El Camino Real"Royal Road" that led from East Texas missions to Mexico City


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