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  1. Chicken War
  2. What did the missionaries eat every day in the mission?
  3. What tribe did the settlers at Fort St. Louis fight against?
  4. East Texas became important to the Spanish after which country started to explore the area?
  5. What was the first civil organized government in Texas?
  1. a San Antonio
  2. b France
  3. c expansion of an ongoing conflict between France and Spain in Texas
  4. d Karankawa
  5. e thin cereal

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  1. to convert the Karankawa Indians
  2. cowboys
  3. military bases in Spanish colonial America
  4. Farming and ranching
  5. name used for Hasinai Indians

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  1. alcadeofficial who served as mayor, sheriff, and judge in Spanish settlements in Texas


  2. Father Hidalgopriest who wanted to build missions in East Texas


  3. Were presidio soldiers paid very much?to smooth the relations between Indians and missionaries.


  4. San Francisco de los Tejasmission built by the Spanish in East Texas that ended in failure


  5. What were the three European countries exploring in North America?Spain, France, and England