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How does Tl201 decay?
a) positron emission
b) electron capture
c) beta emission
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If a preparation of Tc99m mertiatide has 60 mCi of activity present at 8:30am, how many mCi will be present at 9am. (DF=0.944)? a) 63.6 b) 56.6 c) 59.6 d) 53.656.6Which of the following is boiled during preparation? a) MAA b) sulfur colloid c) albumin colloid d) diphophonatessulfur colloidThe presence of 12 ug Al3+ in 1 ml of Tc99m eluate is: a) an example of radio nuclidic impurity b) an example of chemical impurity c) an example of radiochemical impurity d) acceptable since it is less than 15 ug/mlan example of chemical impurityWhich body decides on the acceptable levels of radio nuclidic impurity? a) DEP b) NRC c) FDANRCWhich of the following is an example of radio nuclidic impurity> a) presence of free Tc99m in a preparation of Tc99m sulfur colloid b) presence of Mo99 in Tc99m eluate c) Presence of aluminum ions in Tc99m eluate d) presence of pyrogens in eluatePresence of Mo99 in Tc99m eluateWhat is the maximum amount of aluminum ions (Al3+) allowed in 1 ml of Tc99m eluate according to the USP? a) none is allowed b) 5 ug c) 10 ug d) 15 ug10 ugWhat is the indicated by the front of an instant thin layer chromatography (ITLC) strip? a) radio nuclidic impurity b) particles of incorrect size c) pyrogens d) this depends on the solvent and strip usedthis depends on the solvent and strip usedIf a kit contains 140 mCi ofTc99m in 23 ml, how much volume must be withdrawn to obtain a dose of 5 mCi? a) 0.8 ml b) 30 ml c) 1.2 ml d) 0.6 ml0.8mlIf a kit contains 140 mCi of Tc99m in 23 ml at 9:00am, how much volume must e withdrawn to obtain a dose of 5 mCi at3pm? a) 0.8ml b) 1.6ml c) 2.4 ml d) 0.61.6mlAn MAA kit contains 40 mCi of 99m Tc in 5 ml at 8:00 a.m. What would be the best volume to be withdrawn for a 4 mCi dose at 10:00 a.m. if a perfusion lung scan is planned ( = 0.794)? (a) 0.63 ml (b) 1.54 ml (c) 2.2 ml (d) 0.25 ml0.63 mlWhat is the most likely size of an MAA particle if correctly prepared? a) 1-100 mm b) 10-30 um c) 10-30 mm d) 0-250 um10-30 umTc99m MAA has a biologic half-life of 2-4 h; what will the effective half-life be? a) 1.5-3.0 h b) 2.0-4.0 h c) 0.5-1.0h d) 1.5-2.4 h1.5-2.4 hWhich radiopharmaceutical is made with Tc99m without a reducing agent? a) MAG3 b) MAA c) Sulfur colloid d) SestamibiSulfur colloidWhich of the following is an example of radiochemical impurity? a) presence of free Tc99m in a preparation of Tc99m sulfur colloid b) presence of Mo99 in Tc99m eluate c) presence of aluminum ions in Tc99m eluate d) presence of pyrogens in eluatepresence of free Tc99m in a preparation ofTc99m sulfur colloidWhich of the following can be said regarding effective half-life? a) it is always longer than the physical half-life b) it is always shorter than both the physical and the biologic half-life c) it is always shorter than physical half-life but longer than the biologic half-life d) it is always longer than the biologic half-life but shorter than the physical half-lifeit is always shorter than both physical and the biologic half-lifeThe purpose of adding EDTA to sulfur colloid when labeling with Tc99m is: a) to prevent aggregation of sulfur colloid b) to bind excess Al3+ c) prevent loss of the radiolabel d) a and b- prevent aggregation of sulfur colloid and to bind excess Al3+ e) b and c onlyd) a and b- prevent aggregation of sulfur colloid and to bind excess Al3+A diphosphonate kit should generally be used within how many hours after preparation? a) 2 h b) 12 h c) 4-6h d) 24 h4-6 hWhat is the usual particle size of sulfur colloid? a) 0.3-1.0 um b) 0.03-0.1 um c) 2.0-10 um d) 4.0-15 um0.3-1.0 umWhich radiopharmaceutical, when correctly prepared, will have the smallest particle size? a) Tc99m sulfur colloid b) Tc99m albumin colloid c) Tc99m human serum albumin d) Tc99m MAATc99m human serum albuminThe advantages of albumin colloid over sulfur colloid include: (a) Does not require heating (b) Less expensive (c) Smaller dose can be administered (d) All of the aboveDoes not require heatingFollowing injection of Tc99m MAA for a perfusion lung scan, activity is seen in the kidneys and brain. This is indicative of: a) Right to left cardiac shunt b) renal failure c) congestive heart failure d) incorrect particle sizeright to left cardiac shuntAt 7am, a technologist prepares a dose of Tc99m MDP for injection at 10am that day. The desired dose is 22 mCi and no precalibration factors are available. The 3-h decay factor for the isotope is 0.707. What amount of activity should the technologist draw up into the syringe at 7am? a) 15.6 mCi b) 27.07 mCi c) 29.5 mCi d) 31.1 mCi31.1 mCiWhat can be said regarding precalibration factors? a) it is not necessary for problem solving if the decay factor is avaliable b) it is always <1.0 c) it is always > 1.0 d) Both a and cboth a and cWhat method is used to calculate pediatric dose? a) according to weight b) clark's formula c) according to body surface area d) using talbot's nomogram e) all of the aboveall of the aboveIf the recommended volume for a MAG3 kit ranges from 4 to10 ml, and the Tc99m eluate that will be used contains 820 mCi in 10 ml, and 41 mCi will be used, what is the minimum amount of diluent that should be added? a) 0.5 ml b) 1 ml c) 3.5 ml d) 9.5 ml0.5 mlA chromatography strip is used to test kit for radiochemical impurity and is counted in a well counter. Part A contains Tc99m per technetate, and Part B contains bound Tc99m in the desired form. If the results show 258,000 cpm in Part B and 55,000 cpm in Part A, can this kit be used for injection into patients? yes or nonoA vial of Tc99m is tested for Mo99 breakthrough, an the amount of breakthrough is 25 uCi in 775 mCi at 6am. Following the preparation of all kits tobeused thatday, 450 mCi of Tc99m is left. That night a technologist is asked to perform a scrotal scan at 11 pm. Must the generator be eluted again? a) yes, because the amount of eluate will have decayed to below the amount needed for the patient dose. b) yes, because the Mo99 breakthrough will now exceed the limit allowed by the NRC c) noyes because Mo99 breakthrough will now exceed the limit allowed by the NRCA Tc99m MDP bone scan dose prepared at 7am and contained 32 mCi / 2ml. at 9am when the patient arrives, the technologist realized that the patient's age was overlooked (13). The technologist would now like to adjust the dose to 11 mCi. Given 2h decay factor of 0.794, what volume should be discarded so that the correct dose remains in the syringe? a) 0.65 ml b) 0.87 ml c) 1.13 ml d) 1.5 ml1.13 mlA dose of Tc99m DSMA is prepared and calibrated to contain 5.0 mCi at 8am. The patient arrives late at 10am. Without using any tables of decay factors, determine what activity will remain in the dose at that time. a) 3.4 mCi b) 3.54 mCi c) 3.62 mCi d) 3.97 mCi3.97 mCian MAA kit has an average of 950,000 particles. If 50 mCi of Tc99m in 5 mL. If a4 mCi dose is drawn up, how many particles will be in the dose? a. 76,000 b. 380,000 c. 410,000 d. 450,000380,000A volume 5 ml containing 40 mCi ofTc99m is added to an MAA kit with an average of 3,000,000 particles. What volume of the reconstituted kit should be withdrawn to prepare a dose for a patient with severe pulmonary hypertension? a) 0.25 ml b) 0.4 ml c) 0.45 ml d) 0.5 ml0.25 mlTo reduce the possibility of pyrogenic reactions, all kits should be prepared using saline that contains bacteriostatic preservatives? true or falsefalseWhile performing a GI bleeding study with labeled red blood cells, a technologist notices gastric activity that he suspects is the result of free per technetate. What could be done to support this suspicion? a) reimage the patient in the erect position b) narrow the window around the photopeak c) image the thyroid d) have the patient drink two glasses of water and empty his or her bladderimage the thyroidConvert 23 mCi to SI units. (a) 850 MBq (b) 850 kBq (c) 850 Gbq (d) None of the above850 MBq (1 mCi = 37 MBq)If excessive aluminum is present in 99mTc eluate, which of the following would be expected on a bone scan? (a) Lung uptake (b) Liver uptake (c) Thyroid uptake (d) Gastric uptakeliver uptakeRadiochemical impurities often result from: A)introduction of water into the kit B)introduction of oxygen in the kit C)introduction of nitrogen into the kit D)a and b only E)all of the aboveintroduction of water or oxygen into the kitIt is a proper technique to clean the septum of a kit reaction vial, and inject an amount of air equal to the volume being withdrawn when preparing a unit dose. True or FalseFalse15 rem is equal to: a) 150 mSv b) 15 grays c) 15 Sv d) 150 MBq150 mSv (1 rem = 0.01 sv or 10 mSv)What is the purpose of adding hetastarch to a blood sample drawn for the purpose of leukocyte labeling? a) to act as an anticoagulant b) to hasten the settling of erythrocytes c) to separate platelets from leukocytes d) to improve labeling efficiencyto hasten the settling of erythrocytesFollowing reconstitution of a kit with Tc99m per technetate, a technologist should ensure that all of the following are present on the vial except: a) Date and time of preparation b) lot number c) concentration and volume d) patient name or identification numberpatient name and identification numberIf the proper centrifuge speed is not used during separation of cell types for leukocyte labeling with 111In oxine, what may happen? a) Platelets may be inadvertently labeled b) In111 oxine will not tag WBCs c) Red blood cells may become damaged d) White blood cells may become damagedPlatelets may be inadvertently labeledA Mo99/ Tc99m generator exists in _______ equilibrium and the parent isotope has a _________ physical half-life than the daughter isotope. a) transient, longer b) transient, shorter c) static, longer d) static, shorterTransient, longerIf 630 mCi of Tc99m is eluted from a Mo99/ Tc99m generator, what is the NRC limit of total Mo99 activity that may be present? a) 0.15 uCi b) 94.5 uCi c) 42 mCi d) 94.5 uCi/ml e) 42 uCi94.5 uCi ( mo99 can not exceed .15uci)