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Stock Market

a particular market where stocks and bonds are traded; stock exchange


is something that you can buy or sell. "Large companies often need extra money to fund expansion and to help cover operator y costs."

Stock Exchange

a building or place where stocks and other securities are bought and sold.

Liberty Bonds

Where people bought bonds so the government could get that money now for war. The bonds increased in interest over time.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Average measure based on the prices of stocks of 30 large companies; widely used to check the stock market's health.


an involvement in risky business transactions in an effort to make quick or large profit.

Margin Cell

when an investor was required to proved the full price of the stock.

Buying On Margin

Paying a small percent of a stocks price as a down payment and borrowing the rest.

Bear Market

when the prices fall, so that would be bad. If it is a rapid then it is a CRASH!!

Bull Market

when the stock prices goes up (or rises).

Black Tuesday

a name given on Oct. 29th, 1929, when stock prices fell sharply

"Lame Duck"

Hoovers last election

Bank Hoilday

a weekday on when the banks are closed by law

20th Amendment

created the beginning & the ending of terms of the elected federal offices. (Ratified on January 23, 1933.

22nd Amendement

set a term limit for the Pres. of the U.S. Congress passed it on March 21st, 1947. Final result of Hoover.

Fireside Chat

an informal address by a political leader over radio or t.v. especially as given by Pres. FDR beginning in 1933


a collection of huts and shacks, as at the edge of a city, housing the unemployed during the 1930s.


a section of the District of columbia, in the SE part.

New Deal

Pres. FDR programs to alternate the problems of the Great Depression, focusing on relief for the needy, economic recovery, and financial reform.


suggest help in reducing unemployment, hunger, and suffering


means restoring the economy to vigor.


to prevent another depression

2nd New Deal

(`934-1936)- Due the the first being unconstitutional . I included the Wagner Act, Work Progress Administration, and Social Security Act, and New programs for farmers and migrant workers.

American Gothic

a painting (1930) by Grant Wood

Alphabet Soup

all of the new deal programs

Dust Bowl

the region in the South central U.S. that suffered from dust storms in the 1930s.

Court Packing

an unsuccessful attempt by Pres. FDR in 1937 to appoint up to six additional justices to the Supreme Court, which had invalidated a number of his new deal laws.

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