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  1. Cristóbal Colón (datos biográficos)
  2. Manco Capac y Mama Ocllo
  3. el patronato real
  4. Tlaxcala y Cholula (los lienzos de Tlaxcala)
  5. Expedición de Cortés (fechas, zonas, tripulación)
  1. a 1451 Genova-1506 Valladolid
  2. b On the way to Tenochtitlan interview with rebel populations (especially Tlaxcala) and recruits his favor. In Cholula participates in a battle that killed many Indians. The law of demand says that every person who finds the Indians should tell the history of Spain after asking to be part of Spain and Carlos V. subjective If the Indians do not want to make subjective Espanoles then can use military force.
  3. c 15 de noviembre de 1518 sale al golfo de Mexico.
  4. d son and daughter of the god Inti who came to earth to civilize the people. Were founders of the Inca empire. They brought a golden rod and sank in the cradle of the Inca empire.
  5. e An agreement between the Spanish government and the Catholic church regarding the missions.

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  1. Inti Sun god of the Incas who believed he was the parent and they were children of the sun,

    Viracocha: Incan god, creator of the people of the Andes,
    Pachamac -Incan god his name ment lord of the earth
  2. Los sacrificios no se ven mucho en el periodo formativo y clasico, pero se ve much mas en el periodo postclasico.
  3. comuncations network that allowed them to exercise effective control over vast territories.
  4. April 17, 1492, Columbus begs and gets the territories that to be granted be discovered perpetual and hereditary title of Admiral, like that of D. Alonso Enriquez had in Castile Columbus kings named his viceroy and governor-general, get a percentage of the goods of the Americas. (a contract between the kings and Colon)
  5. 1492

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  1. Jerónimo de Aguilar y Doña MarinaHe had to leave to confront in Veracruz expedition of Panfilo Narvaez. Velasquez Narvaez sent Cortes to capture and bring him to Santiago to face trial for sedition. Cortes defeats Narvaez and persuades her 800 soldiers to join him.


  2. calendario solartenian un calendario con todos los dias y podian entender que se movia el sol


  3. Bernal Díaz del Castillo, Historia verdadera de la Conquista de la Nueva Espana (fechas y contenido)Among the soldiers is Bernal Diaz del Castillo, who, during his old age, written testimony about the conquest of Tenochtitlan under the title True History of the Conquest of New Spain (published in 1632


  4. reducción (conquista) de la isla de Cuba...


  5. Primer encuentro con Moctezuma/arresto de MoctezumaMoctezuma died a stone when Cortes asked to leave from a balcony to try to speak to the crowd and appease the rebellion.