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  1. Jerónimo de Aguilar y Doña Marina
  2. chasqui
  3. Paolo Toscanelli
  4. lago Tezcoco
  5. Primer encuentro con Moctezuma/arresto de Moctezuma
  1. a Mapper for Christopher Columbus
  2. b shipwrecked sailor whom cortez found on yucatan peninsula; spoke local language and helped cotez conquer the aztecs,

    Aztec woman who became an interpreter for Hernando Cortes during his conquest of the Aztec empire
  3. c the Inca professional riders who were in charge of transmitting messages and news
  4. d In this lake, the Aztecs settled. Full of snakes, the Aztecs kept the word of Huitzilopotchtli and establish their capital there.
  5. e Upon meeting kidnapped Montezuma to protect itself. Moctezuma not resist but gives full support to Cortés.

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  1. tenian un calendario con todos los dias y podian entender que se movia el sol
  2. After Huayna Capac died; there was a civil war between his two sons. He was the older brother and was heir to the throne., fought brother in civil war for leader of Inca, killed shortly before Pizarro's arrival
  3. La escritura maya se basa en el uso del jeroglifos, mayormente pictográficos o ideográficos, aunque muchos glifos tenían una función fonética en base a la sílaba. Produjeron libros en forma de arcodeón. Después de la conquista sólo sobrevivieron tres códices
  4. Taino many die from epidemics happen all over the island
  5. nacio en Extremadura en Espana en 1485

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  1. el imperio toltecaAn agreement between the Spanish government and the Catholic church regarding the missions.


  2. Filipa de Perestrelowife of Columbus, died in 1485


  3. la "guerra florida"aztecas hacian la guerra con el objetivo prinicipal de capturar a futuras victimas para los sacrificios


  4. Moctezuma IILast emperor of the Aztecs :(


  5. el Popol Vuh (historia del manuscrito, versión de la Creación)la historia de la creacion de los maya, se llamaba la biblia maya