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  1. Tahuantinsuyo
  2. Expedición de Cortés (fechas, zonas, tripulación)
  3. calendario solar
  4. Coatlicue
  5. mita
  1. a Labor extracted for lands assigned to the state and the religion; all communities were expected to contribute; an essential aspect of Inca imperial control.
  2. b tenian un calendario con todos los dias y podian entender que se movia el sol
  3. c 15 de noviembre de 1518 sale al golfo de Mexico.
  4. d the Aztec goddess who gave birth to the moon, stars, and Huitzilopochtli, the god of the sun and war.
  5. e the Quechua name of the Incan empire. It means "land of four parts." The empire was divided into four units.

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  1. in Incan society, a small community or family group whose members worked together for the common good of the peoples.
  2. Colon thought that came to the Indian and could not believe I get to a new world. Says fantasies that were obviously not there.
  3. a dramatic period of expansion that culminated in this eleventh emperor of the Inca
  4. 8 de noviembre de 1519
  5. Desarollo en valle de Mexico. Centro de ciudad en Teotihuacan. Pirámides del sol y la luna. Pirámide de Quetzalcóatl. Alfarería policromada. Ciudad destruída o abandonada en 650. Carácter benigno de los dioses.

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  1. Uso de la leyenda de Quetzalcóaltcomuncations network that allowed them to exercise effective control over vast territories.


  2. Pedro de Alvarado y la mascare de TlatelolcoDuring his absence, the Spanish commander in command at Tenochtitlan. Pedro de Alvarado, suspected a conspiracy Aztec and ordered a slaughter in the ceremonial plaza of Tlatelolco. This motivates a rebellion against the Spanish and against Moctezuma. Moctezuma died a stone when Cortes asked to leave from a balcony to try to speak to the crowd and appease the rebellion.


  3. quipussupply station, weigh station along inca road to stop and refresh.


  4. Manco Capac y Mama OclloMapper for Christopher Columbus


  5. el "tiempo de las catástrofes"Cortes sink all boats less than one so you can send letters to Charles V