Chapter 5: Motivation Concepts & Theoretical Perspectives

What is the underlying factor that starts the motivation process?
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When setting goals for employees, managers should try to set goals that are ______.challenging but within reachEdwin Locke and Gary Latham developed ______ theory, suggesting that human goals are based on conscious goals and intentions.goal-settingWhich behavior reflects procedural justice?enforcing a company policy for all employeesThe concept of organizational justice interprets how employees see their organization in terms of behaviors, decisions, and ______.actionsAn employee believes inequity exists but changes his or her mind once realizing that the referent other has more education. This employee has ______.engaged in cognitive reevaluationPerception of what is fair depends on the ratio of outcomes to inputs.TrueWith regard to expectancy theory, expectancy refers to the probability that hard work will lead to ______.a high level of performanceAn employee isn't interested in participating in a contest at work because she has no interest in the prize. What does this represent?low valenceWhat term describes work-outcomes relationships?instrumentalityExpectancy theory states that people are motivated by a desire to maximize satisfaction and minimize dissatisfaction.True