What would be the best first step for the teacher of an ELL to pronunciate an English phoneme not found the L1?
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ResponistivityThe ELL student addressed points classmates have mentioned.CohesionFinding words or phrases to connect between sentences.CoherenceOrganizes ideas and unifies her message.Students are put off by an ilalian ELL talking too close to them. This is an example of.pragmatics in using language.pragmaticsphysical proximity, eye contact, gestures, expressions.features of discoursecohesion, coherence, fluency, and structures.semanticsmeanings of words and phrases.social functions of languageto give information, convince others, and to control other's thinking or behavior, or to amuse and entertain.What is a morphological feature?The combonation of roots and affixes.Phonological featuresintonation is speech, vocal pitch, letter sound relationships or phonics are phonological features.Which word has a Greek origin?Calisthentics-Kalos, meaning beauty Calendar, calumny and calendar are latinThe word calcium derives fromGreek and LatinClavicle and clavichord share...the same rootTo promote ELL language development, what does knowledge of morphology informinng word anaylses related to -solve, solvent, solution, absolve, absolute, absolution; dissolve, dissolute, dissolution most promote?vocabulary-vocabulary is most promoted by word analysis informed by knowledge of morphology- Latin word solver, and solutues meaning to loosen or to set free. Knowing this plus -tion allows ELLs to expand their vocabulary.Why might Spanish speaking ELL students fail to pronounce the English letter H in English words?The letter h, when word-initial is always silent in Spanish.The California state board of education adopted Readning Language Arts (RLA)/English Language Development (ELD) to focus on the intructional needs of..students learning English as a new language, those with dissabilities, struggling readers, and African American vernacular English students.MorphoologyThe study of word phormation-Morphemes are the smallest unit of linguistic meaning or function.PhonologyThe study of the sound system of language-the way in which speech sounds form languageSemanticsThe meaning of individual words, phrases, or sentences. (Problem for ELL because English words can have multiple meantings ex: "they covered a lot of ground"_SyntaxStructure of a sentence and the rules that govern the corectness of a sentences.What is the error in this sentence? "Understanding spoken English and speaking in English is harder for me than reading and writing in English."Subject-verb agreement- subject should be ARE, plural, (not is) since there are two subjects.What does this teacher need to give more instruction in to a a German student saying things like "Now to the class we are going".Differing word order in English vs German (syntax)CELDT scoring-4 picture narrative Score of a 2showing control of basic grammatical structures but with numerous errorrs, some interfering with comminication and other criteria.CELDT scoring-4 picture narrative Score of a 3Voabulary generally adequate for performing the task, along with other criteria-also making errors in pronunciation that do not interfere with communicationCELDT scoring-4 picture narrative Score of a 4Accurate pronunciation, varied grammatical and synactical structures with few minor errors and,developed vocabulary.A students says to his principal "Hey, man! What's up?" This child has not mastered which feature of pragmatics?RegisterRegisterHow you talk depends on your audeince (boss, clerk, student, etc). Students need to know when to switch registers.A teacher helps build English vocabulary by pointing out Spanish-English cognates, showing similar spelling and differences in pronuncation. This instructional strategy is an example of...Using student prior L1 langaugeWhat is true of these sample errors? 1. "Two people a truck from the dealer" 2. "They looking a cor for buy"Only #1 is missing a predicate between "Two people" and "a truck" #2 has a missing preposition "looking (for), and and incorrect preposition "for buy" instead of "to buy"What language variation does this example reflect? A village isolated in a mountain valley retained Elizabethan English forms for century?Geographical influence on language variation.What language variation does this example reflect? Seperated parts of a city or country, Berlin or Korea developed different usagePolitical influence on language variation.What language variation does this example reflect? Some AA use nonstandard English w/ idiomatic expressionsCultural influence on language variation.What language variation does this example reflect? Some low income families lacking formal education use ungrammatical constructions.Social influence on language variation.Coherence is __________________________ and cohesion is ________________.overall unity of organitzation--- more specific.In written and oral discourse, coherence referes to ...how text is unified and organized overall by using devices like thesis statement and topic sentence.In written and oral discourse, cohesion referes to ...more specifically to how sentences within a text are connected by using devices like reference, pronouns, repitition, and conjuctions.How to best adress the pragmatic needs of an Asian student avoiding eye contact with teachers an administrators to develop sociolinguistic competence?Respect her cultural norms, make new norms explicit, and gently ecnourage eye contact without forcing it.Which theory most attributes language acquisition to influence of context, world knowledge, and motivation to acheive goals?Social interactionsit theorySocial interactionsit theoryThe context (surrounding environment and language used by people in it); world knowledge and goals, motivating children to linguistc utternacne to attain them, influence langauge development. *Emphasizes social interactions in language aquisition.According to cognitive developmental theory in language acquisition, discussing definition of words like free will, beauty, love, and truth would be appropiate for what grade level? Why?Grades 9-12 because they are conceptually abstract.Acorrding to Piaget's CDT, children are not ready to understand abstract concepts until...adolescence or preadolescence when they achieve formal operations.What cognitive process does Anna's comment demonstrate? " I often forget to put -s on plural nouns. I think this is because we don't do that in my langauge (Chinese).metacognition-thinking about thinkingWhat is accurate regarding comparisons of L1 and L2 language acquisition?While nearly everyone learns L1 naturally, not everyone learns L2, which often takes effort.According to Stephen Krashen, which method is best of language acquisition?Letting students produce the L2 when they are ready rather than forcing them to produce eary.According to Krashen, what personality traits are associated with overusing learning as a monitor for L2 performance?Introversion, doubtfulness, and perfectionism.An ELL who answers every "how's it going?" with the same two responses (not bad, it's a great day) is relying on what strategy?Formulaic expressionsAn ELL who asks a spanish speaker how to say something to continue describing something in English is using this strategy....Appeals for asssistanceAn example of how productive skills are fascilitated by the development of receptive skills.An ELL who understands more of what English speakers say can speak English better.Receptive lanuage skillsUnderstanding what native speakers sayProductive/expressive language skillsSpeaking the L2 betterA teacher who encourages her students to ask for clarification is developing communitive competance by...developing social language-learning stratgies.An ELL, grades 2-12, responding to a promt without a subject, predicate, and with content unrelated to the promt would recieve a0-No communicationWhat is true about students who lack previous L1 formal educationThey take longer to develop L2 academic languageA teacher who demonstrates an experiment, assigns students in pairs, and them puts them in groups to discuss the experiment is giving them an opportunity to ...receive comprehesnible English input and output in a meangingful context.Stephen Krashen says in order for succesfull langauge aqcuisition, students need high _____,______, and ______ and low ____, ______high motivation, self-image, confidence, and low anxiety, affective filter.Affective filter.A mental block or screen' that is influenced by emotional variables that can prevent L2 learning.How would frequent multicultural activities and events help ELL with language aqcusition?By enhancing their self imagesELL who apply the rule of irregular verb conjugation to irregular verbs like "goed" and "freezed" are...overgeneralizingA teacher giving instructions, then giving instuctions in students' L1 to clraify is code switching for what function?Repetitive function-should be used sparingly so students don't rely on it.Which cognitive process is an ELL using to observe and differentiate adding an -ed to regular verbs and using vowel changes like freeze, froze for irregular verbs?CategorizationWhat voabulary task would an ELL use to apply the cognitive strategy or memorization?Enlarging his/her lexicon of English vocabulary words.Desctibe an Early Advanced K-1 ELL abilities.-Begining to combine English in complex, cognitively demanding situations, -use English to learn academic domains. -Identify and summarize most concrete details and abstract concepts during unmodified instruction.What cognitive strategy does an ELL use to describe an unkown word with more detail?elaborationAn ELL students who speaks English is taking biology for the first time. What form of English is most needed?Cognitive Academic Language proficiency (CALP)A new ELL understands some English, and is new the America school system-there is no previous school record. What is the first thing the teacher should do?Assess the students language proficiency level.Which ELL students must deal with different alphabet and directionality in English orthography?Asian and Semetic languages