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Wen Jing Tang

Mild, persistant uterine bleeding, irregular menses (either earlier or late), extended or contiuous menstrual flow, bleeding b/w periods, pain, distention and cold in lower abdomen, infertility, dry lips and mouth, low grade fever at dusk, warm palms and soles
T: dusky, purple, P: rough, choppy, thin

Cold from xu of the Ren and Chong w/ blood stasis

Sheng Hua Tang

Retention of the lochia accompanied by cold and pain in the lower abdomen
T: pale purple body or pale w/ purple spots, P: thin, deep, choppy

Postpartum blood stasis in the womb due to cold entering the abdomen

Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan

Mild, persistent uterine bleeding of purple or dark blood during pregnancy accompanied by abdominal ain that increases w/ pressure
Immobile masses in the lower abdomen w/ pain and tenderness, abdominal spasms and tension, amenorrhea w/ abdominal distention and pain, dysmenorrhea, retention of the lochia
T: choppy

Blood stasis in the womb

Shi Xiao San

Irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, retention of the lochia, postpartum abdominal pain, acute, colicky pain in the abdomen, severe pain in the middle abdomen, epigastric pain
P: wiry, tight, submerged, T: pale, purple

Blood stasis in the lower abdomen blocking the vessels

Huo Luo Xiao Ling Dan

Pain in various locations (HT, ST, abdomen, back, legs, arm), bruising and swelling due to traumatic injury, rheumatic pain, fixed abdominal masses, internal and external ulceration
T: dark, stasis spots, P: wiry, rough

Pain due to qi stagnation and blood stasis obstructing the collaterals

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