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  1. No, no yo comprendo
  2. Quiere decir_
  3. Necesito ayuda
  4. Saquen una hoja de papel
  5. ¿Qué significa_?
  1. a take out a peice of paper
  2. b I need help
  3. c What does_mean?
  4. d it means
  5. e No I don't understand

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  1. everyone
  2. do you have questions?
  3. do you understand?
  4. Can I sharpen my pencil?
  5. No talking!

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  1. Perdón./Con permiso./Desculpe.How is _ spelled?


  2. en español,por favorin spanish please


  3. Tengo una preguntado you have questions?


  4. Quién está ausente?no one is absent


  5. Respondan con frase completarespond in a complete sentence