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The upper chambers of the heart are called the:
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A non-controllable risk factor for heart attack is:ageThe diagnostic term Aortic Stenosis means:narrowing of the aortaThe diagnostic term Coronary Isch/emia actually means:deficient supply of blood to the crowning blood vessels of the heartThe diagnostic term that means hardening of the arteries:arterio/sclera/o/sisThe literal meaning of the diagnostic term Cardio/myo/path/y is:heart/muscle/disease/conditionThe inability of the heart to pump enough blood through the body to supply the tissues and organs is called:congestive heart failureThe diagnostic term Ar/rythmia means:variation in normal heart rhythm or contractionThe diagnostic term used to refer to a dilated or varicose internal and/or external vein in the rectum is:hemorrh/oidThe diagnostic term for the ballooning of a weakened portion of an arterial wall is:aneurysmThe diagnostic term that means rapid, quivering, non-coordinated contractions of the atria and/or ventricles is:fibrillationA controllable risk factor for heart attack is:inadequate exerciseWhich of the following isn't a vital sign?muscle responseThe diagnostic term An/emia means:decrease in normal RBC numbers, iron, or hemoglobin levelsThe surgical term for the incision into a vein to remove blood, to give blood, or to give intravenous fluids is:phleb/otomyWhat is obstruction of blood vessels by a clot or any foreign substance called?embolismThe surgical term Angioplasty means:surgical repair of a blood vesselWhich of the following isn't an antihypertensive drug? A. penicillin B. calcium channel blockers C. cardiotonics D. diureticspenicillinThe surgical technique that brings a new blood supply to heart muscles by detouring around blocked atherosclerotic coronary arties is called a(n):coronary artery bypass__________ is local or generalized swelling caused by excessive tissue fluids.edemaThe procedural term for X-ray of the blood vessels after an injection of contrast medium dye is:angiograph/yThe procedure for making a record of the structure and motion of the heart using sound waves is called:echocardiographyA stroke is also known as:apoplexyMacro/phage literally means:Large/eaterThe device or instrument that is used to measure arterial blood pressure by hand is a:sphygmomanometerThe study that uses ultrasound to determine the velocity of the flow of blood within a vessel is:Doppler Flow StudiesThe medical term Cardiology means:the science and study of the heartThe medical term that means body temperature below normal, or 98.6F., is:hypo/thermiaWhich of the following is not a congenital heart defect? A. atrial septal defect B. cerebral vascular accident C. tetralogy of Fallot D. ventricular septal defectcerebral vascular accidentirregular and large hemorrhages under the skin is called:ecchymosisWhat is coagulated or clotted material that develops inside the vascular system?thrombusThe medical term that means to enter a vein in order to remove blood, instill medication, or start an intravenous infusion is:veni/punctureWhat is coronary artery disease most commonly caused by?artherosclerosisThe _________ is a double membranous fibrous sac that encloses the heart.pericardiumThe medical term Sy/stole actually means:cardiac cycle phase where chambers contract raising blood pressureThe phase in the cardiac cycle in which chambers relax between contractions is called:dia/stoleWhat is a stricture of the carotid arteries in the neck that can lead to a stroke called?carotid stenosisThe medical term for the phase in the cardiac cycle in which the ventricles contract is:systoleThe word part conio- means:dustCardiomyopathy refers to having a problem with the ________ of the heart.muscleThe medical term Hyper/tension means:blood pressure that is above normalAn Em/bol/ism literally means:state of a lump withinA Pulmonary Infarction actually means:lung blood flow blockageThe term _________ refers to the lack of development of normal numbers of erythrocytes in the blood.A/plastic An/emiaA Macro/phage can also be classified as a/(an):LeukocyteAthero/sclerosis is a type of:ArteriosclerosisThe word part atelo- means:incompleteThe word part phlebo- means:veinCoronary Thrombosis may be a cause of:myocardial infarctionThe most important longitudinal heart study in the world is being conducted in what American City since 1946?Framingham, MassachusettsThe leading Cardiac Risk Factors are:smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, and hyper/cholesterol/emiaTiny blood vessels in the back of the ________ are viewed with a Ophthalmo/scop/e to help diagnosis Arterio/sclerosis, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, and many other diseases.eyeA Stethoscope is placed over the heart to listen to the:pulmonary valveSickle Cell Anemia includes the:clumping of blood in vessels causing ischemia, infarction, and tissue necrosisYour patient has a "pericardial" tamponade. The term pericardial indicates that the tamponade is located in the:double sac enclosing the heartYour patient was reported to have a "serosanguinous" drainage from their surgical would site. This drainage would resemble:bloodThe erythropoietic tissue in adults is primarily located in:bone marrowA defect in the sinoatrial node is most likely to result in a/an:arrhythmiaA patient diagnosed with "orthostatic hypotension" must be in what position in order to be diagnosed?standingA patient with an "infarction" due to "stenosis" leading to "necrosis" means that the patient has a:blockage leading to tissue deathAn embolism results from:a detached thrombusA patient may display an ecchymosis after a/an:motor vehicle accidentIschemia of the myocardium may result in:angina pectorisThe Epstein-Barr virus causes a disease whose literal name is "one/nut or kernel." This disease is:mononucleosisThe term for a patient with the condition which literally means "heart/muscle/disease/process of" has:cardiomyopathyDia/betes literally means:through/passingWhat is a diabetes condition that forms during pregnancy called?Gestational diabetesThe probable cause of dwarf/ism is heredity factors or the lack of pituitary _________ production.HGHThe inability to sleep is often caused by the lack of the pineal gland to secrete:melatoninThe parathyroid gland produces para/thormone, which regulates body calcium blood levels and prevents:muscle spasmsHow many hormones does the pituitary gland secrete in men?6The anterior part of the pituitary gland secretes which hormones?LH, HGH, TSH and ACTHWhen the thyroid produces too much thyroxine, what results?HyperthyroidismWhat does the word part Thymo- mean?soul or floweryWhat does the word part Hyalo- mean?glassyThe _________ is referred to as the master gland of the body because it secretes multiple hormones that influence multiple body functions.PituitaryThe name of the pituitary hormone that is essential to the growth, development and continued function of the adrenal cortex is:ACTHThe pituitary hormone that stimulates uterine contractions during female labor is:oxytocinThe pituitary lobe that secretes ACTH, HGH, and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is called the:anterior lobeThe __________ pituitary lobe stores and releases Anti/di/uret/ic Hormone (ADH) and Oxy/tocin.posteriorThe Thyroid Hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism is:thyroxineThe name of the hormone that helps to maintain the level of calcium in the blood is:parathormoneThe hormone that helps the body deal with stress is:epinephrineThe compound term "poly/dips/ia" literally means:much/thirst/refers toLocated in front of the lower voice box and the upper trachea, the ___________ Gland is the largest endocrine gland and is shaped like a shield.ThyroidThe four small dime size glands that lie directly upon and being the Thyroid Gland are the __________ Glands.ParathyroidThe endocrine glands located above each kidney and which are divided into 2 portions called the medulla and the cortex are the:adrenalsThe hormone that plays an important role in the control of blood sugar levels and prevents hyperglycemia is:insulinThe combining forms that mean "poison" are:toxic/o- "toxic", viro- "virus", or septo- "septic"The term Hypo/glyc/emia literally means:low or below/sugar levels/bloodThe diagnostic term for the state of excessive thyroxine production is:hyperthyroidismThe medical term Endo/crin/olog/ist actually means:specialist in the science and study of glands of internal secretionThe diagnostic term for a chronic disease caused by underactivity of the pancreatic beta cells in the Islets of Langerhans is:Diabetes mellitusAnother term used to refer to Addison's disease is:hypoadrenocorticismThe condition resulting in muscle spasms due to an abnormally low concentration of calcium in the blood is:tetanyWhat does the adrenal gland produce?epinephrine and corticosterone__________ causes increased pigmentation of the skin and mucous membranes.Addison's DiseaseThe term given to substances secreted by Endo/crine Glands that means to urge on is:hormoneWhat is an enlargement of the thyroid that may be caused by lack of iodine, inflammation induced by an infection, tumors, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism?GoiterThe __________ controls sexual development and the development of sperm.Testicles"Thyrotoxicosis" literally means:shield/poison/condition ofA congenital lack of thyroxine secretion is referred to as:cretinismMyxedema literally means:mucus/swellingExopthalmia refers to:eyes bulging outwardThe word part Gyneco- means:womanThe word part Galacto- means:milkAn infectious sexually transmitted disease characterized by gum-like body lesions (gummas) appearing in the tertiary (3rd) stage of the disease is called:syphilisWhich of the following is not considered to be a sexually transmitted infection? A. Aspergillosis B. Molluscum Contagiosum C. Lymphogranuloma Inguinale D. TrichomoniasisAspergillosisWho was Syphilis?A fictional shepherd boyWhat is used to examine the cervix and vaginal walls?SpeculumIf a baby was born with Gon/orrhea, it is:congenitalThe diagnostic term Balan/itis actually means:inflamed glans penis or glans clitorisWhat STI infection causes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the reproductive system and can also affect the eyes and mouth?gonorrheaSigns of AIDS include:Weight loss, oral lesions and lymphadenopathySmegma literally means _________. It can cause an irritation and inflammation of the glans penis or glans clitoris.soap "white-soap"Trichomon/iasis is caused by a ___________ that causes a mal/odorous frothy yellow to green discharge, itching (pruritus), and burning.protozoan parasite with a tailNon-Specific Urethr/itis actually means an inflammation of the urethral canal that is caused by:multiple possible etiological agentsWhich of these is not a common location of scabies rashes? A. between fingers B. wrists C. thighs D. all of these are common sitesall of these are common sitesGenital warts can include: A. Papilloma "nipple-like raised warts" B. Molluscum contagiosum "soft flat warts" C. Verruca acuminata "rough, vulgar or common, warts" D. All of the aboveAll of the aboveThe term Herpes literally means to creep and it can cause diseases like Chickenpox, Shingles, Herpes Simplex I (Oral Herpes), and Herpes Simplex II (___________________).Genital HerpesThe Condylomata acuminata (common genital warts) is a contagious STI usually on the anus, vulva, penis, thighs, and/or perineum. The lesions usually are moist, soft, red or pink, and can be: A. cauliflower-like B. solitary and predunculated "pedicle" C. knuckle-like or nipple-like D all of the aboveall of the aboveA Speculum is used in female pelvic exams to expand the walls of the:vaginaWhat is used to prevent infections from being transferred or communicated from one person to another?ProphylaxisWhat is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the penis or clitoris?BalanitisHIV cannot be transmitted through:salivaHIV has a disproportionate impact on: A. men who have sex with men B. black men C. latino men D. all of the aboveAll of the aboveWhat is a malignant, multifocal neoplasm of the reticuloendothelial cells of the body?Kaposi sarcomaDuring the ________ stage of syphilis, small, painless red pustules appear at the sight of infection.PrimaryLymphogranuloma inguinal is also known as: A. Lymphogranuloma Venereum B. Lymphopathia Venereum C. Climatic Bubo D. All of the aboveAll of the aboveWhat is the literal meaning of gon/orrhea?seed producer/flowAfter hatching in a _____, scabies larvae migrate to a skin pocket and molt several times.BurrowWhat us the etioloic agent of syphilis?Treponema pallidumHigh risk factors for HIV include:sharing needles and syringesTrichomoniasis is transmitted via ________ during sex. A. Urine B. Vagina C. Urethra D. All of the aboveAll of the aboveWhat STI causes dysuria and is usually associated with bladder or kidney infections?Nonspecific UrethritisMolluscum contagiosum is caused by:Pox virusGranuloma inguinale is also known as:DonovanosisThe literal meaning of tricho/mon/iasis is:hair-like/one unit/refersGenital herpes lesions are ________ than oral herpes lesions.smallerHIV antibody tests use samples from:oral fluid or bloodWhat test can determine if a person has HIV or tell how much virus is present in the blood?Nucleic Acid TestsA patient may be given the antibiotic ciprofloxacin as prophylaxis after exposure to anthrax. The literal meaning for "prophylaxis" is:before/guard againstThe bacteria which causes lymphogranuloma inguinal has the literal meaning "cloak:rough." What is the name of this bacterium?Chlamydia trachomatisThe disease which is literally referred to as "sore/resembles" and is caused by Hemophilus ducreyi is:chancroidThe condition which has a literal meaning "knuckle/swellings:warts" is also known as:condylomata accuminataThe condition which has a literal meaning "soft: to touch" is also known as:molluscum contagiosumA 21-year-old male has a sexually transmitted infection with mucopurulent discharge from his urethra and dysuria. he literal name for his infection is:seed producer/flowThe infection whose name has a literal meaning of "hair-like/one unit/refers" is caused by which organism?Trichomonas vaginalisThe name of this sexually transmitted infection means "lover of swine." Its tertiary stage is characterized by soft, fibrous tumors called:gummasThe process of forming urine begins in the:glomeruliThe tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder are the:uretersThe muscular, hollow organ that temporarily holds the urine is the:bladderThe organ whose functions are to remove waste products from the blood and aid in maintaining water and acid base balance in the body is the:kidneyThe root word nephr/o- in its combining form means:kidneyThe name of the structure that suspends the testes in the scrotum is the:spermatic cordThe male secretory structures that produce a fluid necessary for adequate sperm motility after ejaculation are called the:seminal vesicles and prostate glandThe suffix that means drooping, sagging or prolapsed is:-ptosisThe diagnostic term ur/emia means:condition of waste products in the bloodThe diagnostic term that means inflamed kidney and renal pelvis:pylonephritisThe diagnostic term that means "state of undescended testes" is:cryptorchidismThe diagnostic term for a congenital defect in which the urinary meatus is located on the upper surface of the penis is:epispadiasThe surgical term lithotripsy means:crushing of a stoneThe diagnostic term hydro/cele in males literally means:water like fluid build-up in the scrotal sacThe term that means twisted or enlarged and distorted spermatic cord veins is:varicoceleThe diagnostic term 'cryptoscopy' literally means:procedure to view and examine the bladderThe diagnostic term "stag horn calculus" refers to:kidney stone in deer antler shapeThe diagnostic term "in-continence" literally means _________ and is seen with lack of bladder or rectal control.not containedThe surgical term that actually means male sterilization is:vasectomyThe diagnostic term placenta previa actually indicates:low implantationA pyelo/gram is an X-ray of:the renal pelvisThe term mastectomy literally means:breast/out/cut/procedureThe procedural term nephro/graph/y actually means:process of X-ray filming the kidneyThe medical term that means scanty or slight urination is:olig/uriaThe medical term py/uria means:pus in the urineThe medical term hemat/uria means:blood in the urineThe diagnostic term that means painful menstrual discharge is:dys/men/o/rrheaThe diagnostic term abruptio placentae actually indicates:placental miscarriageThe medical term for a procedure which literally means "to let down into" and that uses a flexible tube-like device to withdraw or instill fluids is:catheterizationThe term di/uretic literally means "double urine" and actually means:agent that increases the amount of urineWhat does mictur/ition mean?process of urinating or voiding urineThe diagnostic term hydro/nephr/o/sis actually means:condition of water backing into kidneyThe diagnostic term for an infection which normally ascends from the vagina, cervix, uterus, oviducts, and broad ligament and may be accompanied by a mucopurulent discharge is:pelvic inflammatory disorderThe surgical term that means excision of the uterus is:hyster/ectomyThe development of an individual from conception through pregnancy is:gestationAn unborn child from approximately the third month of pregnancy to birth is referred to as a/an:fetusThe term gravida usually means ________, but literally means_________:pregnant and heavyThe term multi/cyesis literally means:many or multiple/pregnancyThe combining word part forms "nat/o- and toci-" literally means:birthThe combining forms that mean "milk" are:lact/o- and galacto-The combining form parto- that is used in the term partur/ition literally means:to give birth/process ofThe combining form fet/o actually means:youngThe diagnostic term that means pregnancy occurring outside the uterus is:ectopicThe diagnostic term that means abnormally low implantation of the placenta on the uterine wall is:placenta previaThe procedural term for the incision into the perineum at the end of the 2nd stage of labor to avoid tearing is _________.Episi/o/tom/yThe medical term dys/men/o/rrhea actually means:difficult and painful monthly flowParturition in which the feet, arms, or buttock emerge first is called:breech birthThe diagnostic term ectopic pregnancy actually means:pregnancy outside of the uterusA "footed cell" may also be referred to as a:podocyteWhat term is used to describe the blood vessels which take blood away from the Bowman's capsule in the kidney?efferentConcentration of urine occurs in the renal "medullary" zone. Based on its name, where is the medullary zone located in the kidney?inner marrow-like pyramidsA terat/oma is:composed of different kinds of tissue not normally found in the location of the tumorCystitis may be associated with "pyuria." The term "pyuria" means that the urine contains:pusWhich of the following refers to a procedure which literally means "canal/viewing/procedure?"ureteroscopyThe condition of "epispadias" results in:a defect in the top of the urethraThe accumulation of serious fluid in a sac-like cavity results in a condition whose literal meaning is:water/protrusionThe term used to describe dilation of the pampiniform venous complex of the spermatic cord is:varicoceleThe muscular wall of the uterus is called the:myometriumThe vagina leads from the labia to a structure whose name literally means "neck." This structure is called the:cervixA "hysterosalpingography" is a procedure to visualize which of the following structures?fallopian tubes and uterusduring parturition, a patient may present with "dystocia." Dystocia literally means:difficult/birthDuring parturition, an "episiotomy" prevents lacerations. Episiotomy literally means:pelvic floor/to cut/procedureA tumor of the uterine membrane lining may lie in a location outside the uterus. Due to its location outside the uterus, it is termed:ectopicA patient with "colpoptosis" is expected to display protrusion of the:vaginaYour patient is being treated with antibiotics for "mastitis." Where is their infection?breastThe second portion of the small intestine whose name means "to empty" is the:jejunumThe organ that produces bile is the:liverThe lining of the structures in the abdominal and pelvic cavities is the:peritoneumThe ring of muscles found around the opening between stomach and duodenum is the:pyloric sphincterThe tube that extends from the throat to the stomach and means gullet is the:esophagusThe combining forms os-, or/o, and stomato- all mean:mouthThe combining form that means "small intestines" is:enter/o-The combining form that means "rectum and anus" is:proct/o-The combining form for small growth is:polyp/o-The diagnostic term that means inflammation of the stomach, intestines, and colon is:gastroenterocolitisThe diagnostic term that refers to abnormal condition of having out-pouchings in the colon is:diverticul/o/sisThe diagnostic term gingivitis means:inflammation of the gumsThe word parts Litho-, Petro- and Lapio- all mean:stoneThe diagnostic term gastro/enter/itis means:inflammation of the stomach and intestinesThe diagnostic term for chronic inflammation of the small and/or large intestines and characterized by cobblestone ulcerations along the intestinal wall and the formation of scar tissue, is:Crohn's DiseaseThe word part Ptyalo- means:mucus, saliva fluidThe diagnostic term for a disorder characterized by prolonged refusal to eat is:anorexia nervosaThe diagnostic term for a chronic disease of the liver characterized by the gradual destruction of liver cells is:cirrhosisThe surgical term that means crushing a stone in the common bile duct is:choledocholith/otripsyThe surgical term cheil/orrhaphy means:suture of the lipsThe surgical term that means incision in to the abdominal wall is:lapar/otomyThe surgical term that means suture of the tongue is:glossorrhaphyThe procedural term of X-ray filming of the gallbladder is:cholecystographyThe procedural term that means visual examination of the rectum is:proctoscopyThe procedural term meaning visual examination within a hollow organ is:endoscopyThe term Proctoscope means:instrument used for visual examination of the rectumThe procedural term for a series of X-ray films taken of the stomach and duodenum after barium has been swallowed is:upper GI seriesThe word part Cholangio- refers to:bile ductThe medical term Dysphagia means:difficult swallowing or eatingThe medical term a/pepsia means:without digestionThe medical term that means physician who specializes in proctology is:proctologistWhat is the broad, fan-shaped peritoneum fold that suspends and encircles the jejunum and ileum to the dorsal wall of the abdomen?mesenteryVitamin B2 is also known as:RiboflavinThe term Di/gest/ion literally means:the process of two separationsThe term Peristalsis literally means:to contract/aroundThe anatomical term Incis/or literally means:one who cuts inThe diagnostic term Stomat/itis means:inflammation of the mouthThe diagnostic term Pyloric Stenosis actually means:condition of narrowing the gate keeperThe anatomical term Gastric Rugae literally means:stomach foldsThe diagnostic term Peptic Ulcer literally means:digestive : soreHepatitis A, B, and C are caused by a:virusHepatitis A is also known as:Infectious HepatitisHepatitis B is also known as:Serum HepatitisHepatitis "___" may be dormant in the body for years before the Signs and Symptoms appear.CThe diagnostic term Dental Caries literally means:refers to tooth cavitiesThe word parts dento- and donto- both mean:toothThe diagnostic term Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease can also refer to:heart burnThe diagnostic term Reflux literally means:to flow againThe diagnostic term Tartar refers to dental:plaqueThe diagnostic term Coloscopy refers to viewing and examining the:large intestineThe diagnostic term Colo/scop/e literally means:instrument to view the big or large intestineWhich of the following is a dietary source of zinc? A. whole grains B. iodized salt C. nuts D. teawhole grainsThe diagnostic term Diverticulosis actually means:condition of out pouching in the colon rugae or foldThe nutritional term Bolus literally means:ball or lumpThe nutritional term Chyme literally means:juiceVitamin B1 is also known as:thiamineVitamin C is also known as:ascorbic acidThe medical term Enema literally means:to injectWhich is the most common type of hernia?inguinalThe diagnostic term Dys/phonia actually means:faulty speechThe diagnostic term "A/phasia" literally means:without speechThe diagnostic term bulim/ia literally means:refers to/hungryThe diagnostic term Anorexia Nervosa literally means:without appetite: caused by a nervous conditionHyper/cholesterol/emia is a blood condition with a cholesterol level above ________ mg per deciliter in a 20 Y/O.200The diagnostic term Crohn's Disease is also known as:chronic regional ileitisThe diagnostic term Acute Appendicitis actually means:sudden inflammation of the cecal appendageThe diagnostic term Dys/entery literally means:faulty, difficult, and painful intestinesHow is shigellosis diagnosed?isolating and identifying the Shigella bacterial organism in stoolWhich mineral can be sourced from table salt and processed foods?chlorideThe diagnostic term Abdominal Hernia refers to:a protrusion through the abdominal wallThe anatomical term Alimentary literally means:to nourishWhich mineral can be sourced from organ meats?copperThe diagnostic term Beri/beri refers to _________ and is caused by the lack of thiamine in the diet.body weaknessThe diagnostic term Pell/agra refers to ________ and is caused by the lack of niacin or niacinamide in the diet.skin/roughThe diagnostic term Scurvy literally means ________ and is the lack of Vitamin C in the diet.to scratchThe diagnostic term Fistula refers to a:pipe stem-like passagewayThe diagnostic term Atresia refers to:closure of an openingThe diagnostic term Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) refers to:painful intestinesWhat is an inflammation of the rectum and anus?proctitisThe diagnostic term Hiatal Hernia refers to:protrusion of the stomach up through the diaphragmThe anatomical term Sphincter literally means:to bind togetherThe diagnostic term Pyloric Stenosis refers to the narrowing of the lower end of the ___________.stomachThe term "Volvulus" of the ileum or colon usually refers to which condition?a twistingThe word parts Ferro- and Sidero- mean:ironCholera is commonly referred to as _______________.super diarrheaThe anatomical term "mesenteric" literally means:middle of the intestinesA patient who is diagnosed with "cholecystitis" would have inflammation of what structure?gallbladderYour 5-year-old is "masticating." What is he doing?chewingthe slippage of one part of the intestine into another part just below it is termed:intussusceptiona patient has "dysentery" resulting from shigellosis. What is the literal meaning of "dysentery?"faulty and painful/intestine/process ofA patient has "steatorrhea" associated with their pancreatitis. What is "steatorrhea?"fat in the fecesAn epilepsy patient is being treated with phenytoin for his seizures. A side effect of this drug is "gingival hyperplasia." This condition is enlargement of the:gumsAfter a stoke, a patient can exhibit "dysphagia." This means that they have difficulty:swallowingYour patient with diabetes insipidus has "polyuria" and "polydipsia." This means that the patient has increased:urine volume output and thirstA patient with "splenomegaly" and "hepatomegaly" indicates that their spleen and liver is:enlargedproct/itis is usually caused by: A. sexually transmitted diseases B. trauma C. drugs D. all of the aboveall of the aboveThe literal term blood/bursting forth/resembles" is used to refer to:hemerhoidsThe coiled tubular structures arising from the dermis that excrete sweat are the:sudoriferous glandsThe outer layer of skin is called the:epidermisMelan/o/cytes in the stratum basale layer of the epidermis produce Melanin which is responsible for:skin colorThe layer of skin that is sometimes referred to as true skin is the:dermisThe combining forms that mean "nail" are:unguin/o- or onycho-The compound forms cutane/o- (cutaneous), pel/o- (pellagra), -derm- (ep/iderm/is and dermat/itis), and cut/i- (cut/icle) all mean:skinThe compound term "Sebo/aden/itis" literally means:inflamed oil glandThe combining forms Hidr/o- and Sudero- both mean:sweatDermato/plast/y literally means:skin/surgical repair/process ofLeprosy is also known as:Hansen's diseaseThe word part Maculo- means:large spotPediculosis Corpus is often spread by:Sharing fabrics and combsThe diagnostic term that means skin or tissue bruise is:contusionThe term that means invasion into the skin and body hair by lice is:pediculosisThe pre/cancerous skin condition that is characterized by horny and hard skin that was caused by excessive exposure to sunlight is:actinic kerat/osisThe diagnostic term __________ actually means tissue death or literally "an eating sore."gangreneThe diagnostic term that actually means the process of scraping away the skin by a mechanical process or injury is:ab/ras/ionA malignant neoplastic skin condition that spreads to organs & lymph nodes and is commonly associated with AIDS, diabetes, and lymphoma is:Kaposi's sarcomaThe word part Sudoro- means:sweatThe medical term Cicatrix literally means:scarIf a patient has a decubitus ulcer, they have a(n):pressure bedsoreThe medical term that means Wart is:verrucaThe medical term Pruritus means:severe itchingThe medical term that means small, solid skin elevation is:papule_________ is a condition of dry, fish-like skinIchthyosisThe diagnostic term Acne Vulgaris literally means:pointed and commonThe procedural term Dermatoplasty includes _________ surgery.face liftsThe diagnostic term Geriatric Alopecia actually means:old age baldnessThe disease term Anthrax literally means:coal lesionThe diagnostic term Cheil/itis literally means:lip inflamedThe diagnostic term Furuncle actually means:boilThe diagnostic term Rubella is also known as:German measlesThe diagnostic term Herpes literally means:to creepOral Koplik Spots are associated with:RubeolaHerpes Zoster Virus causes shingles and also causes:ChickenpoxThe disease Smallpox is caused by a highly contagious __________ and is characterized by prostration, a vesicular-pustular rash, and fever.virusThe diagnostic term Malignant Melanoma actually means:a black tumor that is bad or cancerousThe diagnostic term Ichthy/osis actually means:fish-like skin conditionThe diagnostic term Hirsut/ism literally means:the state of being hairyThe diagnostic term Squamous Cell Carcinoma actually means:scaly crab-like cell tumors of the surface tissueThe bacterial infection that is referred to as __________ is characterized by vesicles or sacs that rupture and form a golden crust.ImpetigoThe diagnostic term Dys/hidr/osis literally means:condition of faulty sweatingThe diagnostic term Scabies actually means:Itch mite infestationThe diagnostic term Tinea Cruris actually means:jock itchThe diagnostic term for the fungal infection Candid/iasis literally means:glowing white/conditionWhich word part literally means oil? A. Pilo- B. Cysto- C. Oleo- D. Sudoro-Oleo-The skin condition of Ringworm is actually caused by a:fungusThe diagnostic term Cutaneous Ulcer literally means:skin soreThe diagnostic term Thrush is usually a fungus infection of the:throat or vaginaLyme disease is associated with a town in:ConnecticutThe diagnostic term Xero/derma literally means:dry/skinRocky Mountain Spotted Fever is caused by rickettsia that is carried by a:tickWhat is a chronic skin condition causing red patches with dry, thick, silvery scales?PsoriasisA skin Lacer/ation literally means:the process of tearingcold sore recurrence can be triggered by: A. stress B. injury to the mouth or lips C. pregnancy D. all of the aboveall of the aboveHelminth/ic Diseases can attack multiple body systems including the integumentary, digestive, and nervous systems and can be caused by which parasitic worms? A. tapeworms B. roundworms c. flukeworms D. all of the aboveall of the aboveWhich of the following is a primary skin lesion? A. Bulla B. Lichenification C. Scales D. ErosionBullaCimex lectularius is also known as:bed bugsWhich of the following is a secondary skin lesion? A. vesicle B. macule C. tumor D. fissurefissureThe term Tinea Pedis actually means"athlete's footSkin blushing, _________, or redness is usually caused by an increase in blood flow, oxy/hemoglobin, fever, inflammation, trauma "wound", and alcohol.erythemaThe skin color variation of Pall/or is actually a _________, which is usually accompanies blood loss, various types of anemia, or shock.decrease in skin color_________ is the contraction or shortening of muscle fibers, which causes atrophy.contractureThe relative speed with which the skin resumes its normal appearance after being stretched or compressed is called__________ and represents the amount of water in the tissues or hydration.turgorA patient diagnosed with "onychomycosis" has a fungal infection of the:nailsA patient with a "eutheyroid" condition indicates that they have:normal thyroid functionA motor vehicle accident victim admitted to the emergency department was described as having "lacerations" and "contusions." This means they have:cuts and bruisesA patient with urticaria after exposure to an allergen displays "wheals." These are usually:red"Striae gravidarum" would be found in which of the following patients? A. immunocompromised B. motor vehicle accident victim C. one who has acne D. pregnantpregnantYour patient has "verrucae" on their fingers. The appearance of this condition can be described as:epidermal nipple-like skin tumorsYou have shoveled snow for an hour in frigid temperatures and now suspect that you have "cheilitis." Which part of your body is affected by this condition?lipswhich term can be used interchangeably with hypertrichosis?hirsutism"Aphthous stomatitis" is a term which describes:canker soresThe name of this disease literally means "near/ear/inflamed" and is also known as "parotitis." What is it?mumpsUpon exam, you notice a "bulls-eye" rash on your patient's arm. This may be indicative of which condition?Lyme diseaseThe name of this fungal infection which literally means "glowing white" is:candida"Pediculosis corpus" is caused by:liceA patient with a condition which literally means "nipple/many/condition" has:papillomatosis"Neoplasm" literally means:new growthAn adenoma arises from what body structure?glandsThe lymphoid tissues located behind the nasal cavity are called:adenoidsBoth food and air travel through the:mouth and pharynxThe double-sac membrane that covers each lung and lines the thoracic cavity is the:pleuraThe medical term 'hypoxia' means:deficient oxygen in the bloodThe area in the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged is called the:alveoliWhat is the emergency procedure for dislodging bolus or other objects from the trachea or throat?Heimlich ManeuverSilicosis is also known as:Grinder's diseaseHow is cryptococcosis diagnosed?spinal tap and x-rayThe term trache/os/tom/y actually means:creation of an artificial mouth-like opening in the throat and neckThe suffix _________ is added to the word part Pneumono-/_________ to refer to the surgical procedure of puncturing the lungs and aspirating fluids like blood, pus, and lymph.-centesisThe word part Pleuro- and Costo- both mean:rib, sideThe condition where the bronchi of the lungs are dilated outward is:bronchi/ect/asisWhen lung tissue swells as a result of distention and loss of elasticity in the alveoli, the condition is called:emphysemaThe diagnostic abbreviation for an infection of the nose, pharynx, larynx, and trachea is:upper respiratory infection "URI"The diagnostic term that is also referred to as whooping cough is:pertussisThe diagnostic term for a chronic respiratory disease characterized by paroxysms of coughing, wheezing, panting with shortness of breath is:asthmaThe word part Nario- means:opening to noseLobar pneumonia refers to:infection in one of the 5 lobes of the lungsThe word part Caputo- means:HeadThe medical term(s) that mean(s) containing both mucus and pus is:mucopurulentThe medical term Nebuliz/er is defined as:a device that creates a fine spray or mistThe word part Laryngo- means:voice boxThe medical term Emphysema literally means:puffed upThe medical term Asthma literally means:pantingCystic Fibrosis is an inherited exocrine gland disorder that causes thick secretions of _________ to form in the lungs.mucus and pusThe medical term diphther/ia literally means:membrane/refersThe disease of Histoplasmosis or Darlings Disease is a _________ infection caused by histoplasma capsulatum.fungalThe word part Pharyngo- means:throatThe Schick Skin Test is used to detect:diphtheriaThe Mantoux Skin Test is used to diagnose:tuberculosis_________ is inflammation of nasal mucosa cause by allergies, viruses, and bacteria.RhinitisBronchitis often progresses to a more severe lung condition called _____________________, which was the leading world killer around 1900 A.D.PneumoniaPneumonia can be caused byRickettsiaWhich word part means diaphragm?Phreno-Spiro/metry is used to evaluate:lung capacityThe word parts Oro- and Os- mean:mouthThe word part Genio- means:chinThe disease of Crypto/cocc/o/sis is a _______________that can infect the lungs, skin, brain (CNS), bones, and urinary tract causing death.budding yeast infectionWhich acute viral infection is usually seen in infants before 3 years of age and may cause vocal cord swelling, voice loss, and possible choking?CroupThrush can be caused by:yeastEmphysema causes shortness of breath and a:barreled chestThe incubation period for influenza is from _____ to _____ days.1 to 3 daysA patient undergoing testing for emphysema has a "spirometry" procedure. What is the literal meaning of this term?breath/measure/processYour patient has "bronchiectasis," which means they display:dilated bronchiA patient with rhinitis undergoes a "rhinoscopy," which is a procedure to examine the:noseWhen writing a report for your patient with "rhinitis," you can use an equivalent term or synonym to describe their rhinitis. Which of the following would you use?coryzaYour asthma patient presents with "dyspnea" and "tachypnea." These two terms describe that the patient has:difficulty breathing with a rapid rateA diagnosis of "pleurisy" means that the patient has an inflammation between which layers of the pleura?visceral/parietalYour patient has a condition which literally means "puffed up or inflated/refers to." What outcome will this disease most likely have in the patient?barrel chestHisto/plasmo/sis is characterized by: A. spleen and liver enlargements B. Leukopenia C. Lymphadenopathy D. all of the aboveall of the above