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You have a Form A Track Bulletin stating that there is a 10 MPH slow order from milepost 7 to Milepost 4. Flags are Displayed. At what milepost will the first flag be seen and what color will it be?
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In three or more main track territory, flags will be displayed to the ___________ of center tracks ( Inside tracks) where clearance allowsRightThe location of arrow shaped permanent speed signs are?2500 feet ahead of the restrictionIf you're trying to process an unattended Fusee burning on or near your track what is required?Bring your train to a stop before passing the fuzy if consistent with good train handlingWhat is required after stopping for a fusee?Proceed at restricted speed for 1 mile beyond the location of fuseeWhen would an engineer sound the whistle in an attempt to attract attention to the train?When approaching public crossing at gradeThe whistle signal for approaching public crossings at grade is?- - o -The proper whistle signal when approaching men or equipment on or near the track of any whistle prohibitions is:- oDim the headlight at stations or yards where switching is being doneTrue