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ager, agri, m.

land, field, territory


on high, high up

ambages, ambagis, f.

turning, devious tale

cado, cadere, cecidi, casus

fall, sink, die

cothurnus, cothurni, m.

high boot, buskin

dignor, dignari, dignatus

deem worthy

dis, ditis / dives, divitis

rich, wealthy

doceo, docere, docui, doctus

teach, tell


indeed, surely

fastigium, fastigii, n.

summit, top, point

germanus, germani, m.


gesto, gestare, gestavi, gestatum

bear, wear, carry

homo, hominis, m.

man, mortal, human

hostia, hostiae, f.

victim, sacrifice

ignarus, ingara, ignarum

ignorant, unaware

injuria, injuriae, f.

wrong, insult, injustice

intractabilis, intractabile

unmanageable, intractable


toss, buffet

mos, moris, m.

custom, manner, law

orbis, orbis, m.

circle, orb, world

pharetra, pharetrae, f.


profiscor, profisci, profectus

set out, depart

purpureus, purpurea, purpureum

purple, crimson

rego, regere, rexi, rectus

rule, direct

sura, surae, f.


vincio, vincire, vinxi, vinctus

bind, tie

virgo, virginis, f.

girl, maiden

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