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The Maturing Colonial Society

Colonial American in the first half of the eighteenth century experienced

population growth and economic development

Which of the following statements concerning immigrants to colonial America during the first half of the 18th century is correct?

Most German speaking immigrants settled in Pennsylvania

New Englanders opted for more of a mixed economy than settlers in the middle or southern colonies because in New England

availability and productivity of land was limited

Most immigrants to colonial America after 1713 were

slaves and indentured servants

In contrast to their 17th century predecessors, indentured servants of the 18th century

faced fewer chances of becoming independent landholders

What is not a reflection of Benjamin Franklins utilitarian philosophy

Men are only sinners in the hands of an angry God.

Compared to her English counterpart, the 18th century northern colonial woman

enjoyed broader legal and property rights

All of the following occurred as a result of English settlement except

summers became hotter and winters colder

The Chesapeake colonies of the early 18th century witnessed

increasing profitability of, and thus reliance upon, tobacco cultivation

The vast majority of inhabitants along the coast of South Carolina by the 1740s consisted of

black slaves

The elimination of slave rights by English settlers in the New World

allowed masters to treat slaves with brutality and intimidation

In contrast to slaves in the southern colonies, slaves in the northern colonies

adapted to European ways much faster

There was no North American parallel to the massive slave uprisings of the Caribbean or South America because in North America


Which of the following factors helped temper rebellion and offer comfort to colonial slaves

religion and family life

The typical master in colonial America wished to convert the slave into a

mindless drudge who obeyed every command

France's interior empire in North America

had many settlements that were mixed-race communities

In contrast to conditions in the English colonies. life in New Spain was characterized by greater

racial inter mixture

As a result of extensive contact with European colonizers during the early 18th century, Native American tribes of the interior

altered patterns of tribal life and leadership

The advent of "modern" life occurred first in the seaboard centers of colonial America, including the transition from a

barter to a commercial economy

Colonial merchants of the early 18th century

integrated American produces and consumers in the Atlantic basin trading system.

For urban artisans in colonial America

a major goal was economic independence

The social structure of American colonial cities from 1960 to 1770 was influenced by

an increasing gap between the wealthy and the poor.

Probate records, especially household inventories, help historians examine a past communities

social transformation

According to the entrepreneurial ethos, government would provide for the general welfare by


All of the following represent theories of Enlightenment thinkers except the notion that

God predetermined the contents of the human mind

Even while the importation of slaves to American increased in the early eighteenth century

contradicted the Christian concept of brotherhood

Perhaps the most pressing problem facing clergymen in the early 18th century and a cause for the Great Awakening was the

pervasiveness of religious apathy.

The religious revival known as the Great Awakening

emphasized an emotional rather than intellectual approach to religion.

Which of the following might not be considered a legacy of the Great Awakening


Englishmen of the eighteenth century feared that anarchy or mob rule would result from an excessive reliance upon


Royal checks on colonial lawmaking operated imperfectly in the 18th century primarily because of the

time lag in English response to colonial action.

Unlike members of the English House of Commons, colonial representatives


Bostons imprisonment riot of 1747 illustrated the

willingness of Americans to resist forcefully arbitrary power

During the early 18th century colonial assemblies

gained the power of the purse

The most important government for colonial New Englanders was the

town meeting

According to the Whig ideology, the best defense against corruption and tyranny rested in the

eternal vigilance by the people

Evangelicalism refers to religious beliefs or churches that emphasize

individual faith and authority of the Christian gospel

An artisan is a person who

is manually skilled in making a particular product.

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