Nutrition/Protein Metabolism

Understanding Nutrition
Protein Turnover
Within each cell, protiens are continually being made and broken down is what process?
Amino acid pool
Amino acids mixed with amino acids from dietary protien for an?
Nitrogen Balance
The amount of nitrogen consumed as compared with the amount of nitrogen excreted in a given period of time. When nitrogen intake equals nitrogen output, the person is in nitrogen equalibrium is called?
Chemicals that are released at the end of a nerve impluse arrives there.Can be made by amino acids into, tyrosine, the hormone thyroxin, the vitamin niancin, and serotinin.
Amino acids
Can be used to make fat when energy and protien intakes exceed needs and carbohydrate intake is adequate.Can be stored for later use.
A compund with the chemical formula NH3; produced during the deamination of amino acids.
Keto acid
Mayb be used for energy or for the production of glucose, ketones, cholesteral, or fat. An organic acid that cotains a carbonyl group (C=O).