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Maddie SociologyExam 2 (pt 2)

The dawn of civilization is most associated with which social revolution?
micro chip, decoding of the human system
The ... is to the post industrial society as the ... is to the emerging biotech society?
The transmission in use of information services dominate the work force
What is the key feature of post industrial societies as it relates to the work force?
There are New York Yankee fans in every state in America, throughout Canada, and in nations all over the world. Sociologically, which concept best describes these fans?
Primary group
A group characterized by intimate, long term, face to face association and cooperation is referred to as ....
Out groups
Kody is a member of the L.A. Crips. The other gangs in his territory are the Bloods and the Satan's Slaves. Kody feels very antagonistic towards the Bloods and the Slaves. For Kody, these two rival gangs would be considered...
Authoritarian leader
Different situations require that different styles of leadership be used to meet the primary goals of the group. Imagine a tour group that is lost in the desert. Which type of leadership would be best for the tour guide to adopt?
Soloman Asch
Who conducted the classic experiment addressing the power of peer pressure that included six "stooges" and one actual test subject viewing cards with lines of varying length?
A substantial # of people will inflict pain on others in order to do so by a person in position of authority
What did Stanley Milgram's "teacher-learner" experiment demonstrate?
Giving free reign to diverse opinions
How would an organization minimize group think from occurring?