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An approach to life in which there is an emphasis on rules, efficiency, and practical results is...

the past is the best guide for what should be done in the present

What is the major emphasis of the traditional orientation to life?

industrial and post industrial

In which two societies are people evaluated based on "the bottom line" ?

Max Weber

The early theorist who proposed religious beliefs were the key to whether or not a society embraced capitalism was ...


Samantha works in a place that is hierarchical, has a division of labor, written rules, communications and records, and in which the administration treats workers impersonally. Based on these characteristics, we can conclude that Samantha works in a ...


The experience of being cut from the product's of one's labor that results in a feeling of powerlessness is called ...

voluntary associations

The boy scouts, the veterans of foreign wars, most civic organizations, an all the other organizations that people join because of the mutual interest are all examples of...

Iron law of Oligarchy

The domination of organizations by a small, self perpetuating elite is called ...


It is believed by some sociologists that attempts to humanize the workplace are simply ways to manipulate workers into cooperating in their own exploitation. This belief is most aligned with the ... perspective.

Small groups form primary relationships thereby reducing alienation

People work more effectively in small groups and work teams than in a centralized command structure. What is the sociological explanation for this?

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