Intro to preliminary diagnosis or oral lesions Ch1 pathology

Pathos means what?
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What is a Bulla?Circumscribed elevated lesion Greater than .5 in diameter ususally has Serous fluid Blister like could be from injuryWhats in serous fluid?water, plasma, proteinwhat is pedunculated?how its attached Steamlike or Stalklike base***** Similar to mushroomwhat is sessileHow its attached NO STEM base that is flat or broad***WHat is erythema?Ab normal redness of mucosa or gingivawhat are the colors of lesions ?red pink white blue-black gray brown blackwhat does leuko mean?WHiteWhat does leukoplakia meanclinical term for white PLAQUE like lesionwhat is Palllorpaleness of the skin or mucosal tissueHow do you check lesion consistency ?Palpation to determine testure of area ex- soft, firm, semi firm, fluid filledwords to describe surface textureCorrugated fissure papillaryWHat is corrugated?Wrinkledwhat is fissure?cleft OR groove showing prominent depthwhat is papillary ?resembling smalll elevations or nipple shaped projections found in clusterswhat is Well circumscribed (radiographic term to describe bone lesion)Borders in which can be clearly seen where exact margins are and extent of themwhat does DIFFUSE mean (radiographic term to describe bone lesion)describes lesion with borders that are NOT well defined very hard to detect exact parametersWhat is radiopaque? (radiographic term to describe bone lesion)light or white area on radiograph RESULTS from: inability of radiant energy to pass through structure more dense structure=more white it appearswhat is Radiolucent ? (radiographic term to describe bone lesion)black/ dark areas Radient energy can pass through these areasradiolucient and radiopaque (radiographic term to describe bone lesion) exampleStage I Periapical cemento-osseous dysplasia lesion is RADIOLUCIENT in stage II it is radiolucent and Radiopaquewhat does Unilocular mean?having 1 compartment or unit ex- simple radicular cystwhat does multilocular mean?defined as many lobes or parts somewhat fused togther can look like a soap bubble ex- odontogenic kertocystwhat is bone resprption?when the apex appears shortened or blunted and irregularly shaped happens due to response of stimuli , trauma, cyst, or Tumorwhat is external resorption?arises from tissues outside of the tooth ex- periodontal ligament / tooth eruptionwhat is internal resorption ?its triggered by puplual tissue reaction from WITHIN the tooth ex-m pulp stonewhat are the 8 Diagnosis im Diagnosis processClinical radiographic historical laboratory microscopic surgical therapeutic differentialwhat is clinical diagnosisits what we can see / May involve asking questions too (historical information) the appearance of lesion- color shape location history of lesion example -amalgam tattoowhat is an amalgam tattoo called for the Boards?FOCAL ARGYROSISwhat is radiographic diagonosisunusual findings landmarkswhat is historical diagnosisPersonal history Fam history past and present medical history dental history history of drug use pathological conditions where fam plays significant role in diagnosis like amelogenesis imperfecta (not perfect enamel) dentinogenesis (not perfect dentin_what are examples of historical diagnosishistory of ulcerative colitis gingival enlargements die to the treatment of channel blocker history of skin graft from hip to ridge and mucco buccal foldwhat is Laboratory diagnosislab test: blood test urinalysis test lab cultures ' example- if elevated serum alkaline phosphates level can mean pagets disease(rapid changing of bone)what is microscopic diagnosisBrush test used to obtain info from oral mucosal epithelium OR scalpel biopsy Punch biopsyexample of microscopic diagnosis ****white spot lesion can be diagnosed alone. can vary in thickness of epithelium tp epithelial dysplaisa which can be premalignantwhat is surgical diagnosis ?info gained during surgical procedureexamples of surgical diagnosistraumatic bone cyst-when lesion is opened surgically and empty void is found OR lingual mandibular Bone cavity / stafne's bone cyst- surgical examination of well-circumscribed , radiolucent area reveals salivary gland tissue entrapped during developmentalwhat is therapeutic diagnosisnutritional deficencies are common conditions diagnosised by theraputic meanswhat are examples of therapuetic diagnosis?angular cheilitis -cracking in corners of mouth ANUG or NUG- acute necrotic ulcer gingivitiswhat is differential diagnosis ?list of several diagnoses drawn up up after taking oral examwhat (list) are variants of normalFordyce granules torus palatinus mandibular tori melanin pigmentation retrocuspid papilla lingual varicosities linea alba leukodermawhat is FORDYCE GRANULES (variant of normal)?clusters of ectopic sebaceous glands seen on lips and buccal mucosa appears as yellow lubulesWhat is torus palatinus?(variant of normal)exophytic of normal compact bone seen in midline of palate more common in women NO treatment unless interfere with speech-swallowing -prosthetic appliancewhat is mandibular tori variant of normal)?outgrowths of normal dense bone found on lingual aspects treatment-NONE unless interferes with fabrication and placement of prostheticwhat is exostosis variant of normal)benign growths along alveolar ridge on buccal surfacewhat is melanin pigmentation variant of normal)most common in dark pigmented peoplewhat is retrocuspid papilla (variant of normal)mostly found on kids and goes awaywhat is lingual varicosities (variant of normal)observed on ventral surfaces and lateral surfaces of tongue red to purple enlarged vessels most common in 60 year and older( might be related to aging process)what is linea alba (variant of normal)white line along occusal planewhat is Leukoedema (white swelling) (variant of normal)generalized opalescence of buccal mucosa more pronounced in smokers ***if mucosa is stretched the opalescence becomes less prominent most common in aferican america NO treatmentwhat does histology show in leukoedema?***intracellular edema of spinous cells, acanthosis of epitheliumname benign conditions of unknown causelingual thyroid nodule median rhomboid geographic tongue fissured tongue hairy tonguewhat is lingual thyroid nodule ? (benign condition)when thyroid tissue does not descend or remnants become entrapped mass at midline of dorsal surface of tongue posterior to circumvallate papillaewhat is the treatment of thyroid nodule?evaluation of the patient is determined whether thyroid gland is present in normal locationwhat is median Rhomboid Glossitis ? (benign condition)cause is not clear (may be associated with chronic infection of candida albicans) seen as flat or slightly raised oval or rectangular erythematous in midline dorsal surface of tongue at junction of anterior and middle thirdwhat is the treatment for Rhomboid glossitis? (benign condition)no specific treatment antifungal may work may resolve spontaneouslywhat is geographic tongue (benign condition)cause not clear genetic role maybe maybe caused by exacerbated stress ****diffuse areas devoid of filiform papillae appears to be changes and remission in depapillated areaswhat is treatment for geographic tonguenone indicated patient may complain fo burning on tonguewhat is fissured tongue (benign condition)cause-genetic factors apperance of grooves and fissures treatment NONEwhat is hairy tongue (benign condition)increased accumulation of keratin on elongated filiform papillae giving it white appeance treatment brush tongue gently with tooth brushwht is black hairy tongue get its colorchromogenic bacteria